Runner Sliding Door System Accessories

Runners have progressively developed a range of sliding door systems, unparalleled for their durability, versatility and simplicity. Using only the highest quality materials, our systems are built to last, easy to install and offer the best value for money. We recognise that customer service is the utmost importance in today's busy commercial market.

Accessories - resin


Part No. Item Size
10-010 Cartridge 150ml
Brush Strip
Accessories - brush strip

Brush strip standard

Part No. Holder Finish Length Bristle Length
10-100 Aluminium 914mm 22mm
10-101 Aluminium 2134mm 22mm
10-102 Gold 914mm 22mm
10-103 Gold 2134mm 22mm
10-104 Aluminium 2134mm 40mm
10-105 Aluminium 2134mm 50mm

Brush strip heavy duty

Part No. Holder Finish Length Bristle Length
10-200 Aluminium 3000mm 80mm
10-201 Black 3000mm 80mm
10-202 White 3000mm 80mm
10-203 Aluminium 3000mm 120mm
10-204 Black 3000mm 120mm
10-205 White 3000mm 120mm
Accessories - hinges


Part No. Finish Type Size (H x W x D)
10-800 Stainless Steel Satin Ball Bearing Butt 100 x 76 x 3.0
10-801 Stainless Steel Satin Ball Bearing Butt 76 x 50 x 2.5
10-802 Brass Polished DPBW Butt 100 x 67 x 3.2
10-803 Brass Polished DPBW Butt 76 x 51 x 3.0
Locks & Padlocks
Accessories - locks


Part No. Type Operation Finish Lockcase Backset
10-900 Claw Deadlock 5 lever Key Brass 76mm 57mm
10-901 Claw Deadlock 5 lever Key Satin 76mm 57mm
10-902 Claw Deadlock Euro Cylinder Brass 76mm 57mm
10-903 Claw Deadlock Euro Cylinder Satin 76mm 57mm
10-904 Mortice Sliding Door Latch Brass 63mm 44mm
10-905 Mortice Sliding Door Latch Satin 63mm 44mm
10-906 Mortice Sliding Door Locking Snib Brass 63mm 44mm
10-907 Mortice Sliding Door Locking Snib Satin 63mm 44mm


Part No. Type Operation Body Shackle
10-908 Diskus Padlock High Security 6 Disc Mech 80mm Dia 11mm Dia
10-909 Diskus Padlock High Security 5 Pin Tumbler 70mm Dia 10mm Dia
10-910 Granit Plus Padlock 7 Disc Mech 78mm Dia 14m Dia
10-911 Shutter Lock 5 Pin Tumbler 80mm Dia 12mm Dia
Door Bolts & Padbolts
Accessories - bolts

Door bolts straight

Part No. Length Finish
10-300 300mm Epoxy Black
10-301 450mm Epoxy Black
10-302 600mm Epoxy Black
10-303 300mm Galvanised
10-304 450mm Galvanised
10-305 600mm Galvanised

Door bolts monkey tail handle

Part No. Length Finish
10-400 300mm Epoxy Black
10-401 450mm Epoxy Black
10-402 600mm Epoxy Black
10-403 300mm Galvanised
10-404 450mm Galvanised
10-405 600mm Galvanised

Padbolts ½" shoot

Part No. Length Finish
10-501 150mm Galvanised
10-502 200mm Galvanised
10-503 250mm Galvanised
Hasp & Staples
Accessories - hasp & staples

Hasp + Staples - heavy duty

Part No. Pattern Size Finish
10-601 Standard 8" Galvanised
10-602 Standard 10" Galvanised
10-603 Vertical 6" Galvanised
10-604 Vertical 6" Epxy Black
10-605 Swivel 8" Galvanised
10-606 Swivel 10" Galvanised
10-607 Swivel 8" Epoxy Black
10-608 Swivel 10" Epoxy Black
Accessories - handles


Part No. Pattern Size Finish
10-701 Hot Bed 6" Galvanised
10-702 Hot Bed 6" Epoxy Black
10-703 Pressed Steel 8" Galvanised
10-704 Pressed Steel 8" Epoxy Black
10-705 Flush 120mm Satin Stainless Steel
10-706 Flush 90mm Satin Stainless Steel

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