5 Reasons to use Trakkit Quiesce for your internal sliding door project

16th January - Posted in News



Trakkit Quiesce is a kit that provides all the components needed to install a sliding door.  Trakkit Quiesce is suitable for internal and external applications and is ideal for installing an MDF door.

Trakkit Quiesce can be used for sliding doors, pocket doors or wardrobe doors. This system is often popular with people working on home or commercial projects like hotels, hospitals or offices.

1# Popular Choice

Trakkit Quiesce is our most popular kit for internal sliding doors, specified by joiners and home owners looking for a professional solution.

2# Quality

Trakkit Quiesce has solid build quality and offers a very smooth and quiet solution

3# Easy to use kit

Trakkit Quiesce is an easy to use complete kit that comes with all the parts needed to fit your door, including screws. The Trakkit Quiesce is available in 4 types with a track size options of 1500mm and 2300mm which are aluminium and easy to cut to size if needed.  The two track sizes are available in a kit that supports a door up to 40kg or 80kg in weight.

Size        Weight (Up to)

1500       40kg

1500       80kg

2300       40kg

2300       80kg

4# Great Value

Trakkit Quiesce is sold at a great price, making it an affordable choice when installing a door..

Trakkit Quiesce available to buy online via the Quest website or you can call 01280 822288

Take a look at the prices on the Quest Website

5# Next Day Delivery

Trakkit Quiesce is stocked in our warehouse and ready for next day delivery (order before 4.30pm)