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Bi-Folding Doors

Here at Runners, we single-handedly make conventional doors a thing of the past, with our extensive range of sliding door hardware and bifolding doors hardware that are suited to any application and bring with them a breadth of benefits that brings you out of the past and right into the world of the Runners internal bi-folding door track hardware.

Why though, is an internal bifolding door hardware so much better for your home, workplace and any interior or exterior? You’ll be sure to find out here, with a product range that includes the completely unique and patented Tommafold™ design all the way to bifolding door track systems such as the Series-250 that are perfectly suited to heavy-duty use in commercial or industrial sectors. At Runners, our bi folding doors  hardware are set to suit every last customer.

Bifolding Door Gear

With any choice, the exceptional customer service and commitment here at Runners, these doors will infuse the interior or exterior of your property with the advantages that our bifolding door designs were always intended for. Starting with a formidable and always-reliable build quality and following on to daily pleasures such as the maximisation of space and the opportunity of aesthetics that look great when the door is closed, however due to the sliding opening mechanism, look even better when open – allowing the outdoors to come in and for the first time, providing a real link between home and garden, industrial unit and loading bay and a plethora of other placements.

Just take a look through the extensive product range that is listed on the left to find what is right for you and gain all the information you may need.

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