Product Focus: Multirail Auto

15th October - Posted in News


Multirail Auto from Runners is ideal for any application needing an automated conveyor system.  Multirail Auto comes with a continuous trolley and chain loop and multiple hanging eyes make it easy for the operator to load product to the line. A drive unit powers the chain around the heavy duty track.

Multiple controls make it easy for the operator to stop, start or adjust from different workstations, travelling speeds can be easily controlled and adjusted at the control panel.  Installation and maintenance is simple with easy entry bracket and chain tensioners.

Multirail Auto is ideal for joiners, paint shops or abattoirs and can guide product through areas such as flow coaters, drying or processing areas.


Multirail Auto offers all the benefits of a standard Multirail set up and also has the added advantage of automated movement, reducing handling and speeding up processes.

Watch the Multirail Auto video case study.