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4 Top reasons why abattoirs and meat processing facilities use Multirail overhead track systems

Multirail installations for meat processing

Runners Sliding Systems has seen an increase in Multirail installations for meat processing systems, here’s the 4 top reasons they choose Multirail.

Multirail is an overhead track system with hangers, turntables and junctions enabling the movement of goods throughout a facility, saving time and improving efficiencies.

1. Move meat with ease

4 Wheedled rollers taking up to 150kg each, with stainless steel hooks will move whole carcases through the facilities, reducing lifting by staff.

2. Create processing areas

Each Multirail system can be designed to suit the facility space and the processing required. Carcasses can move through processing and storage areas on the stainless steel hooks.

3. Increased hygiene

Meat processing facility can increase their hygiene levels through of reduced meat handling and creating efficient processing areas.

4. Flexible system

Multirail is a flexible overhead runway system that can be extended as your business grows.