Exterior Sliding Door Systems

Made from sturdy aluminium that won’t degrade due to the elements, Runners’ exterior sliding door systems are always as visually pleasing as they are long-lasting.

Easy to use and even easier to install, both professional tradesmen and DIY heroes will have no issue putting a new exterior sliding door kit to good use.

Our patio door and exterior sliding door tracks as kits and systems will give the creative designer or architect as well as seasoned tradespeople a dream come true!

Working with Tommaslide heavy-duty external sliding door track for exterior doors gives options for patio doors that will remain weatherproof for many years.

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  • Tomma 100

    Tommaslide 100 – Straight Sliding Door System – Max Door Weight: 100kg

    dimensions icon13mm Vertical Adjustment
    weight icon100kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU RUN044
    From:£78.42 ex VAT
  • sliding door soft close mechanism

    Tommaslide 200 Sliding Door Mechanism

    dimensions icon13mm Vertical Adjustment
    weight icon200kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU RUN045
    From:£151.28 ex VAT
  • Tomma 300

    Tommaslide 300 Straight Sliding Door Kit Max Door Weight: 300kg

    dimensions icon13mm Vertical Adjustment
    weight icon300kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU RUN046
    From:£308.12 ex VAT
  • Tommaslide Bottom Rolling System for Patio Doors

    Tommaslide Bottom Rolling System for Patio Doors – Max Weight Door: 300kg

    dimensions iconMin Door Thickness: 30mm
    weight iconMax Door Weight: 300kg
    _sku iconSKU RUN059
    From:£214.97 ex VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these exterior sliding door systems only to be used outdoors?

Not necessarily. Runners’ exterior sliding door systems are built to be used in external settings thanks to their robust build quality and anti-degrading properties.

However, these qualities make them just as effective when used in internal settings, too. Before you purchase a sliding door system from Runners, be sure to check the product details to see whether it is best suited to outdoor or indoor jobs.

Alternatively, get in touch with the Runners team today and we’d be happy to advise you on which product would be best for your project.

Are exterior sliding door kits weatherproof?

Exterior sliding door systems are built with the weather in mind. Because they’re situated outdoors, they need to be able to withstand changes in weather - including rain, sleet and snow - as well as temperature changes, all while maintaining their structural integrity.

That’s why many exterior sliding door tracks are crafted from aluminium, which does not degrade in the presence of water or moisture, making it an ideal choice for external applications.

But be sure to check the product listing for specific weatherproofing qualities, or reach out if you need more information.

Does the door weight matter when using exterior sliding door systems?

Yes - before ordering an exterior sliding door system from Runners, you should already be aware of the weight of the doors you will be working with. Sliding door systems are designed to be used with specific door weights, so that the track being used can uphold the doors in question.

Pairing a sliding door track with the wrong doors can result in them not opening and closing as planned, or the system failing entirely.

Speak to a Runners expert today if you are unsure which sliding door system you need.