Pivot Door Hardware For Concealed Sliding Doors

Invisible doors are becoming more popular in various applications throughout the home, office and similar environments. If your clients want to do away with intrusive, oversized wardrobe doors that swing outward, pivot door hardware is the perfect solution, allowing wardrobe doors to elegantly open and slide into a hidden cavity, disappearing as if by magic.

Beyond just aesthetics, pivot door hardware works especially well in environments that are short on space, like cramped offices, tiny kitchens or small apartments. Here, the wardrobe doors can be opened and neatly tucked away, so they don’t intrude on anything or anyone in the nearby space.

Pivot door hardware is also a great way to transform a standard storage cupboard into a unique display piece (and back again). Users can simply open the doors and tuck them back when they want to show off the display pieces stored inside, and conveniently cover them up again at a whim, making for a versatile storage space that clients can use to match their mood.

Take a look at our selection of pivot door hardware and get in touch with the Runners team today if you need a hand making a decision - we’re only a message away.

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  • Pivot Door Kit

    ConcealX Pivot Door Kit For Single Doors

    weight iconUp to 50kg Panel Weight
    _sku iconSKU 700
    From:£683.12 ex VAT
  • Concealx

    ConcealX Pocket Pivot Door Kit for Double Leaf Doors

    weight iconUp to 60kg Panel Weight
    _sku iconSKU 750
    From:£711.97 ex VAT
  • Slide & Hide Pocket Concealed Double Pocket Door Kit

    Slide&Hide Concealed Single Pocket Door Kit

    weight iconUp to 60kg Panel Weight
    _sku iconSKU 595-200
    £325.00 ex VAT
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is all pivot door hardware the same?

You’ll find our pivot door hardware differs depending on various factors, including the type of doors you’re working with, the number of doors you need to install and whether or not you’d like to opt for helpful extras - like soft closing mechanisms for pivot doors. If you’re unsure which pivot door system is right for your doors and your project, speak to a member of the Runners team before placing an order. We’ll listen to what you have to say and will offer the product that fits your project perfectly.

Is a pivot door system the same as a pocket door system?

Technically, pivot door systems and pocket door systems are identical in their function, though how the door becomes ready to “disappear” is slightly different. As the name suggests, pivot doors need to pivot on an axis before they’re ready to slide into place, while most pocket doors can simply slide into a pre-made cavity. If you’re also interested in offering your clients pocket door installation as part of your services, check out our range of pocket door systems too.

What are some of the advantages of pivot door hardware?

Beyond the space-saving element, which we’ve already talked about, pivot door hardware presents numerous advantages to clients. Primarily, they offer an eye-catching aesthetic that makes them stand out from traditional hinged doors and can add an element of sophistication to almost any setting. On top of this, they’re often far quieter than traditional hinged doors, which can create loud noises when slammed mistakenly. Thanks to the soft-closing mechanisms available, this won’t be an issue with pivot door hardware.

Does door size matter when using a pivot door system?

Yes. At Runners, our pivot door systems are designed to be used with doors of a specific size, as well as cabinets of a specific size. Depending on your chosen product, you may see an option for ‘Door Width’ and ‘Cabinet Width’ as dropdown menus beside the product description. These are to ensure you choose the correct pivot door system for your needs the first time around. But if you’re still unsure which pivot door hardware is best for you, or you don’t see the size options that best fit your project, reach out to Runners, we may still be able to help.