Hinges for Bi-Fold and Sliding Doors - Butt or Ball Bearing

Looking for the perfect bi-fold door hinges for your latest project? You’ll find something to suit your needs with Runners. We stock the highest quality internal bifold door hinges along with fire door and heavy-duty ball-bearing butt hinges so that, alongside our hardware kits, you have anything you need!

The right hinges will help keep the bi-fold doors you’re working with steady, stable and in perfect working order for you or your clients. Ball bearing butt hinges for bi-fold doors from Runners offer a smooth, knife-through-butter folding door experience and are resistant to creaking, jarring or otherwise struggling.

With bi-fold door hinges for both internal and external use, you’ll find everything you need for your latest project here at Runners, whatever you’re working on. Speak to a Runners expert today for more information about our products and how we can help you take your bi-fold door project to the next level.

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  • Internal Folding Doors Hinges

    Ball Bearing Butt Hinge Pair 102mm Grade 316 Stainless Steel

    _sku iconSKU AIL465
    £13.67 ex VAT
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  • Salice 110° Inset Soft Closing Hinge

    Salice 110° Inset Soft Closing Hinge (16-26mm Door Thickness)

    _sku iconSKU CFE502
    £3.53 ex VAT
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  • Salice Clip on Woodscrew Mounting Plate

    Salice Straight Clip on Woodscrew Mounting Plate – Partial Adjustment

    _sku iconSKU CFE
    From:£0.36 ex VAT
  • Salice Cruciform Clip on Woodscrew Mounting Plate – Full adjustment

    _sku iconSKU CFE5
    From:£1.37 ex VAT
  • Salice 110° Inset Soft Closing Hinge CFE500

    Salice 110° Full Overlay Soft Closing Hinge (16-26mm Door Thickness)

    _sku iconSKU CFE500
    £3.31 ex VAT
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  • Internal Folding Doors Hinges

    Ball Bearing Butt Hinge Grade 13 Pair 102mm Satin Stainless Steel

    _sku iconSKU AIL250
    £10.09 ex VAT
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  • Tommafold Hinge Drill Jig

    Tommafold Hinge Drill Jig

    _sku iconSKU 60-DJ100
    £136.27 ex VAT
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are bi-fold door hinges made of?

Our bi-fold door hinges are made from rugged stainless steel, to offer the most reliability and durability possible. By crafting our hinges from a hefty metal like stainless steel, it helps guarantee the smooth opening and closing of the bi-fold doors you are working with for years to come.

Not only this, but the inclusion of separate polymers helps the stainless steel hinges avoid corrosion, making them ideal for external applications where the weather or surroundings may cause concern. If you’d like to know more about our bi-fold door hinges, speak to a Runners expert today.

Will any bi-fold door hinges work with any folding doors?

Not necessarily. Before beginning work on your bi-fold door project, and if you’re buying your bi-fold door hinges separately, you need to make sure you have hinges that are the correct size/type for the materials you will be working with. Always read the product description thoroughly to ensure the hinges you’re buying will be fit for purpose. But if you have any questions about our bi-fold door hinges, or are unsure which hinges you need, reach out to Runners and we’d be happy to advise.

How many bi-fold door hinges do I need?

This depends entirely on the type and size of the doors you are working with. Depending on where you have purchased your bi-fold doors from, they may include installation instructions or guidance on how many hinges the doors need to operate properly.

If you’re unsure, you can always reach out to the manufacturer who can offer more guidance about your project. But if you find yourself stuck and without options, try speaking with a Runners expert.

We’ll ask you about the materials you’ll be working with and offer our expert advice, so you can have your project completed as quickly and professionally as possible.