Bi-Folding Door Hardware

Whether your clients are looking for a complete overhaul of their internal decor or just a simple addition to their already impressive setup, bi-folding door hardware can instantly add an element of something completely new and inventive to a space.

Rather than traditional wardrobe doors, which fold outwards, bi-folding doors for wardrobes or cabinets open and close on intercut hinges, allowing the individual panels to fold inward or outward for a stylish and more eye-catching effect than the standard.

They can also be a great space saver - rather than having oversized traditional wardrobe doors that open outwards, taking up precious space in more confined areas, bi-folding door hardware can help cut the number of feet per square inch taken up by wardrobe doors, offering a more compact and less cumbersome wardrobe door experience.

With impeccably crafted tracks and rollers, both tradesmen and users of bi-folding door hardware from Runners can be confident they’re built to last, with years of enjoyable use ahead.

Smooth to operate, simple to install and undoubtedly eye-catching, bi-folding wardrobe door hardware can be the difference-maker between a boring, standard cupboard and one people are always fond of using

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  • Bifold Door Track

    Tommafold Interior Bifolding Door Track Kit For Max Weight Of 60kg

    dimensions iconMin Door Thickness: 30mm
    weight iconMax Door Weight: 60kg
    _sku iconSKU TFINT
    From:£198.71 ex VAT
  • Durafold bi-fold door open

    DuraFold Bi-Folding Wardrobe Doors Or Cabinet Doors

    dimensions icon16-30mm Door Thickness
    weight icon50kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU DF
    From:£129.33 ex VAT
  • Bi Fold Door Kit For Wardrobes

    FurnFold Bifolding Door Hardware For Cabinets Or Wardrobes

    dimensions icon16-30mm Door Thickness
    weight icon30kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU FF
    From:£69.74 ex VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bi-folding door hardware be used with any wardrobe doors?

Before installing bi-folding door hardware, you need to be sure the bi-folding doors you have can be used in conjunction with the hardware you’re planning to use. Before making a purchase with Runners, be sure to read the product details carefully and ensure you’re choosing the correct bi-folding door hardware for what you have to hand. If you need assistance making a choice, get in touch with the Runners team today.

How long does bi-folding door hardware last?

There’s no exact timeframe on how long bi-folding door hardware will last once it’s installed, but it’s safe to say the components are built to last. Designed to uphold the weights of various bi-folding doors, this hardware has been made to a very high standard with longevity in mind, so the user can enjoy many years of a seamless folding door experience. Some of our products also feature extended warranties, in light of their longevity - get in touch if you’d like to know more.

How can bi-folding door hardware be used?

Bi-folding door hardware can be used in several different applications, in various rooms of the home, office or other settings, for the desired effect. On the one hand, the hardware and doors could be used as a classy alternative to simple wardrobe doors on a wardrobe that house clothes or bedding. On the other hand, they could be used to create an impressive display cabinet to show off valued treasures. The possibilities are endless and are entirely in the hands of the user and their personal taste.