Interior Sliding Door Track Kits

Runners UK are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of sliding door tracks for internal glass sliding doors. We offer both internal and exterior sliding door mechanisms, barn door hardware and slide and stack door systems to meet any needs that you have.

Sliding doors offer a classy and inventive way to revitalise any room and instantly make it more interesting. By pairing the appropriate sliding door tracks with the correct sliding doors in your project, you can create a timeless effect that’s both visually impressive and durable.

Crafted from tough, resistant materials, sliding door tracks from Runners will offer effective, smooth sliding time after time, whatever sliding door system you choose. We stock sliding door tracks to suit all styles, shapes and weights of sliding doors, so we’ll always have the tracks you need. For more information on the sliding door tracks you need, speak to a Runners expert today.

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  • Tomma 100

    Tommaslide 100 – Straight Sliding Door System – Max Door Weight: 100kg

    dimensions icon13mm Vertical Adjustment
    weight icon100kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU RUN044
    From:£78.42 ex VAT
  • Invisible Doors Sliding Door Gear Kits main

    Invisible Sliding Door Gear Kit for Interior Doors

    dimensions iconMax Door Width: 1150mm
    weight iconMax Door Weight: 80kg
    _sku iconSKU 1040
    From:£249.75 ex VAT
  • Barnstyle

    Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit – Max Door Weight: 100kg

    dimensions iconMax Door Width: 1000mm
    weight iconMax Door Weight: 100kg
    _sku iconSKU 40-200-1
    £128.54 ex VAT
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  • Stainless Barn door sliding door

    Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit – Max Door Weight: 100kg

    dimensions iconMax Door Width: 1000mm
    weight icon100kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU 40-250
    £227.37 ex VAT
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  • Trakkit Q main pic

    Trakkit Quiesce – Straight Sliding Door Runner Kit – Max Weight Door: 120kg

    dimensions iconMin Door Thickness: 22mm
    weight iconMax Door Weight: 120kg
    _sku iconSKU TQ
    From:£52.03 ex VAT
  • sliding door soft close mechanism

    Tommaslide 200 Sliding Door Mechanism

    dimensions icon13mm Vertical Adjustment
    weight icon200kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU RUN045
    From:£151.28 ex VAT
  • Tomma 300

    Tommaslide 300 Straight Sliding Door Kit Max Door Weight: 300kg

    dimensions icon13mm Vertical Adjustment
    weight icon300kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU RUN046
    From:£308.12 ex VAT
  • Tommaglass

    Tommaslide Tracks For Sliding Glass Doors – Max Panel Weight: 100kg

    dimensions iconSuited to 8-12mm Panels
    weight icon100kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU TSG
    From:£172.77 ex VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all interior sliding door tracks work for all types of sliding doors?

At Runners, we stock a wide range of interior sliding door tracks catered to specific types of sliding doors.

For example, our Stainless Steel Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit is suitable for both timber and metal doors, whereas our Tommaslide Tracks For Sliding Glass Doors are specifically crafted to move glass doors, so you need to be sure you’re purchasing the correct product for the doors you have.

Speak to Runners if you need a hand.

Do glass sliding doors need specific sliding door tracks?

Yes. The build and durability of glass doors differ greatly from timber and metal doors, which is why they need sliding door tracks specifically built to ensure they roll smoothly without becoming damaged.

The Tommaslide Tracks For Sliding Glass Doors - one of our most popular sliding door track kits - come with a soft-closing feature.

A fantastic addition to make sure sliding glass doors close softly to avoid cracks, chips or shatters.

Can any doors be used as sliding doors?

No. Traditional hinged doors differ very much from doors that are designed to slide.

Sliding doors are often far thinner, flatter and built to be more symmetrical than hinged doors, so they can slide back and forth gracefully and without catching.

Before you purchase a sliding door track kit, make sure you have the correct sliding doors and match them to the kit you need - you can get in touch with Runners if you need a hand making a decision.

Are sliding door tracks easy to install?

All sliding door track systems differ depending on the type of door in your project.

But they all follow a similar method. If you have some experience in joinery or DIY, you should have no issue installing sliding doors in your projects.

Just follow the included directions and you’ll have your sliding door track systems up and running in no time. But if you run into any difficulty at all, speak to Runners - we’d be happy to help.