Bi-Folding Wardrobe Doors Hardware

Bifold wardrobe doors are a stylish, modern alternative to old-fashioned, traditional swinging doors that can transform the look and feel of an entire room with very little work or time commitments.

At Runners, we provide various options for hardware and track kits for bi-fold wardrobe doors that are quick and easy to install, saving you time and effort while still producing an eye-catching end product.

Bi-folding wardrobe doors are appealing for a number of reasons; primarily because they’re a quirky take on the traditional wardrobe. But they’re also a practical space-saving solution that prevents the need for doors that swing outward into cramped spaces, allowing users to utilise that space more effectively.

Our hardware and tracks for bifold wardrobe doors are all made from quality materials, like strong aluminium and multiple brackets, that are built to withstand the regular opening and closing of bi-folding wardrobe doors, allowing them to remain upright and free from jams or other movement-related damage for years to come.

For smooth-running, attractive and long-lasting bi-folding wardrobe doors, get your materials from Runners.

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  • Durafold bi-fold door open

    DuraFold Bi-Folding Wardrobe Doors Or Cabinet Doors

    dimensions icon16-30mm Door Thickness
    weight icon50kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU DF
    From:£129.33 ex VAT
  • Bi Fold Door Kit For Wardrobes

    FurnFold Bifolding Door Hardware For Cabinets Or Wardrobes

    dimensions icon16-30mm Door Thickness
    weight icon30kg Capacity
    _sku iconSKU FF
    From:£69.74 ex VAT
  • Bifold Door Track

    Tommafold Interior Bifolding Door Track Kit For Max Weight Of 60kg

    dimensions iconMin Door Thickness: 30mm
    weight iconMax Door Weight: 60kg
    _sku iconSKU TFINT
    From:£198.71 ex VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bi-folding wardrobe doors as sturdy as traditional wardrobe doors?

They might be even sturdier.

Traditional wardrobe doors rely on being connected to the wardrobe via multiple hinges on the sides. But because these hinges are designed to uphold the weight of the door at only a couple of points, they can begin to dip and loosen over time because of the weight of the door and the action of opening and closing it.

Bi-folding wardrobe doors, however, operate on a track system which evenly spreads the weight across a top rail, making the weight of the doors a non-issue - even after years of daily use.

Do I need to know the weight of the wardrobe folding doors before I install them?

Yes - knowing the weight of the doors will help you select the correct bi-folding wardrobe door kit.

Our kits are built to withstand specific weights, to offer the most effective folding door solutions possible For example, if the door in question weighs up to 50kg, our DuraFold Bi-Folding Wardrobe Doors would be an ideal choice for your project.

However, if your door is slightly heavier at 60kg, our Tommafold Interior Bifolding Door Track Kit would be a better option and is available in a range of configurations to match your precise needs.

Are folding sliding doors easy to install?

Yes, all our sliding door tracks are built to be as easy to install as possible, with minimal components, saving you time on your project.

However, if you need some more information about installing a specific sliding door track, or are struggling to install bi-folding wardrobe doors or any other sliding doors, get in touch with Runners. Our team of experts would be happy to advise you.

How durable are bi-folding door tracks?

Our bi-folding door tracks are exceptionally durable and are designed to provide sturdy, smooth and reliable opening and closing every time, even under heavy use.

For example, our Tommafold Interior Bifolding Door Track Kit comes with a 10-year warranty and the rolling polymer tyres it comes equipped with have been pre-tested over up to 100,000 cycles, while the hinges have been tested up to 200,000 cycles - so you know you’re getting tracks that are built to last.