Due to rugged components, this hardware can support doors of weights up to 2000kg. Our lighter weight industrial sliding door rail is suited to applications like small interior or exterior doors, overhead runway track, stable doors and sliding office partitions. Agricultural sliding door kits from Runners are durabile, versatile, and simple.

Choose Max Door Weight

Max weight icon 90kg
Series 20 Sliding Hardware - 90Kg Max Door Weight
Max weight icon 440kg
Series 50 Sliding Hardware - 440Kg Max Door Weight
Max weight icon 600kg
Series 70 Sliding Hardware – 600Kg Max Door Weight
weight 1000kg icon
Series 250 Sliding Hardware – 1000Kg Max Door Weight
Max weight icon 2000kg
Series 2000 Sliding Hardware – 2000Kg Max Door Weight

Frequently Asked Questions

Which heavy-duty sliding door tracks do I need?

The specific sliding door tracks you need will depend on the weight of your door - the heavier the door, the more rugged the heavy-duty sliding door tracks you will need. For example, at Runners Sliding Systems, our Series 70 Sliding Hardware is ideal for sliding doors weighing up to 600kg.

However, this sliding door track would not be suitable for an industrial sliding door weighing 2000kg.

For this sliding door, you would need our Series 2000 Sliding Hardware which is specifically built to withstand such weight. If you need a hand choosing your sliding door gear, get in touch with Runners - we’d be happy to help.

Do you sell individual parts for industrial sliding door tracks?

Yes - at Runners, if you’ve already purchased a sliding door track kit but just need to replace a small part, you can purchase individual parts for our sliding door track systems, to maintain the condition of your sliding door so it will keep working well for years to come. We stock individual accessories, sliding door tracks, hangers, rollers, stops, sliding door brackets and more.

For a better idea of the individual parts you can buy from us, select your chosen sliding door track system to see a list of the available parts and accessories or get in touch if you need assistance in choosing your parts.

Do you sell sliding door tracks for lighter doors?

If you are looking for a sliding door track but don’t need anything too heavy-duty, our Series 20 Sliding Hardware could be the best product for you. Designed to handle sliding doors up to 90kg in weight, this sliding door track system is perfect for smaller, lighter sliding doors like warehouse partition walls or wardrobes.

Check out our Series 20 Sliding Hardware here, or feel free to explore our other products if you need something slightly different.