5 reasons to use Multirail overhead hanging rails in a deer larder

meat rails for cold rooms

Runners sliding Systems has sold Multirail systems to many deer estates, especially in Scotland where there is a Food Processing, Marketing and Co-operation Grant Scheme.

1#Easy to install

The system is easy to install. Runners Sliding Systems provide full technical advice

2# Move deer carcasses with ease

4 wheeled rollers that take up to 150kg each can move whole carcases through facilities, this reduces lifting by staff.

3# Increased Hygiene

Hygiene levels increase because of reduced handling and efficient meat processing areas

4# Create processing areas

Multirail systems are designed to suit facility space and processing, with a storage area and meet processing area.

5# Flexible system

Multirail is a flexible overhead runway system that can be extended as your business grows.