7 Things you need to know when buying sliding door gear for agricultural doors

Buying sliding door gear from Runners is easy, just call us to discuss your project and we will put a internal sliding doors kit together and send it out for next day delivery. Here’s a few questions we normally ask to create the perfect kit for your interior sliding doors


1.What’s the size of the opening ?

This is the space in meters. The internal sliding door track systems needed will be double the width of the opening and can be cut to size. Track comes in a maximum length of 6 meters and can be joined with sliding door brackets to cater for a larger space. Order now!

2. How many doors do you want to hang?

This could be one door that slides across or two doors that come together. Also, what is the size of each door?

3. What is the weight of the doors?

This isn’t always known, but it’s useful information. The 50 series kit is for doors up to 440 kilos each, the 250 series caters for doors up to 1000 kilos each. These kits work with metal or timber doors

4. Is the door face or ceiling fixed ?

The sliding door brackets used to fix the track will be typically either fixed to the wall or the ceiling and each bracket is different. We recommend one bracket every meter

5. Are you having a track at the top and bottom of the door ?

The door will hang and have rollers on the top track, there will be two rollers per door. Some people also install a track at the bottom of the door, but it is not always needed. The bottom track is placed underneath the door and accepts the door as it opens.

If there is no bottom track, you can chose from a range of bottom guide components

6. Do you need to protect that track from the elements ?

If the sliding door is an external door you can use a weather shield canopy with end caps to be placed above the track, this diverts rain from directly above from the track.

7. Do you need a door bolt or lock ?

Runners Sliding Door Systems offer a range of door bolts, these can be purchased with a secure pad lock. A range of sliding door mortice or 5 leaver locks can be added to your order.