70 Series Sliding Door Gear Overview

Sliding Door Gear

The 70 series straight sliding door gear system is for commercial and agricultural applications such as warehousing, agricultural buildings and stables. The range is designed to be concise and simple to install.

  1. Up to 600kg weight capacity (based on 2 rollers) 300kg per roller
  2. Sliding door gear is compatible with other tracks (ideal for extending existing systems)
  3. 56mm diameter needle pin bearing wheels with hardened steel tyre
  4. Suitable for timber or metal doors
  5. Generally two hangers are used per panel

When using upper track support brackets they should be fixes at a minimum of 600mm and a maximum of 1000mm spacing. Series 70 steel upper track is not pre-drilled and will require drilling for soffit fixing whether installing it with or without the use of soffit fixing brackets.

The 70 series straight sliding door gear has a wide range of components including brackets, hangers, connectors, bottom guides, track stops and then tracks and guides which are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 metre lengths.