A Brief Product Guide to Industrial Door Gears

If you are on the lookout for high quality products at affordable prices then we can help. Here is a brief product guide to discovering the most suitable industrial door gears for your needs:


•    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
•    Stylish & robust to provide security that looks the part
•    Height adjustment with auto locking collar
•    Heavy duty and patented hinge systems
•    Straightforward installation & easy adjustment system

This system really appeals to various doors and with a 10 year warranty; these products are definitely built to last. Making doors sleek and contemporary, they certainly suit any homes and provide any of your clients with a window of opportunity- literally.

Series Mini:

As a contrast to the previous product, the Series Mini products are ideal for wardrobes, draws and cupboards. Simple yet effective, the combined rollers and tracks provide a multitude of practical uses.

We have a range of 8 tracks which all vary in sizes in colours to suit your needs and necessities. We also have 2 guides and various rollers, all with product descriptions which allow you to make the educated decision of what you require.

Of course, if you can’t see what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us.


There are three types of sliding door kits within this range all with various purposes:


•    Twin Track System ideal for cupboards.
•    These are pre drilled making installation easer and therefore relinquishing the need for brackets
•    Complete kit with the option to purchase and accessory pack which includes more screws and various other helpful  extras


•    Ideal for internal and external locations
•    Quiet sliding action making these applications perfect for environments such as hotels or hospitals.
•    Kits include hangers, door stops, brackets and fixing screws. These can make sure that the doors are solid, sound and reliable.
•    Various kits of different lengths and door widths
•    Suitable for middleweight and commercial applications
•    Smooth motion which is created by the ball bearing slide – important aspect for straight sliding doors.

With all the kits available there are a multitude of accessories such as resin and brush strips which can add to the finished touches of the door itself.