Multirail Auto Product Focus

Multirail Auto is a powered automated conveyor system that is ideal for any clients needing to cut manual handling and improve staff morale.

Reducing Manual Handling

Overhead conveyor chain-driven systems like this come with a continuous loop chain drive and options of several different hanging hooks that make it easy to load bulky or awkward products. You can see a selection of these here:

Automated Conveyor System

These can otherwise require valuable extra staff time and there are potential difficulties overcome during painting or varnishing as the piece can be coated from all angles; better access, even drying, and a better finish is the result.

An electrical drive unit powers the chain around the heavy-duty track making it a useful material handling system to speed up production where a manual system can require more than convenient effort to push the items once they are suspended.

Easy Control And Boosted Efficiency

Simple controls make it easy for operators to stop, start, or adjust this automated conveyor system and travelling speeds can be easily adjusted at the control panel. Installation and maintenance are simple with easy-to-fix brackets, hangers, and chain tensioners.

Automated Conveyor System

Ideal for sawmills, joinery workshops, paint spray booths, or abattoirs to guide the product through areas such as flow coaters, drying or processing areas. Auto offers all the benefits of a standard manual Multirail conveyor with the advantages of automated movement, reduced handling and speeding up processes.

A Handy Solution For Various Workflows

Have a manual handling challenge? There are multiple solutions available, from conveyor belts to robotic AGVs, but often you will find under-utilised space up in the rafters. This is where Multirail has the magical combination of low price point, simple installation, and effective handling of awkward, heavy, or bulky items!

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