Barn Door Hardware Guide

We stock a wide range of sliding solutions including, sliding barn door hardware, roller tracks, hangers, hooks, and  ironmongery for pocket and sliding doors.

Sliding barn door hardware seen on a country style varnished pine interior door.

Our team of experts offer advice on which hardware is best for external and internal doors and installation information for tradesmen.

Types Of Sliding Barn Door Hardware

An initial key question. Are you working as a contractor on a project that seeks an industrial barn door hardware system for an agricultural building, or are you needing a barn-style sliding door within a house or office setting?

Barn Door Hardware

At Runners UK, we are experts in the supply of a range of sliding door hardware for both heavy-duty outside doors on barns and aircraft hangars, to internal sliding barn door kits for both space-saving and rustic aesthetics in the workplace or home.

Sliding Barn Door Kits

With the all-important attribute of space-saving, a sliding door inside office buildings or a home, can be a big help when space is tight and offers a rustic ‘hammered’ black iron look on the bracket hangers and the top hung track that is both distinctive and popular.

Sliding Door Hardware Kit

This sliding barn door kit, is completely adjustable with a smooth, rolling movement. Attributing a quick and easy install as well as offering great value, the finished look exhibits timeless and chic. If you have any questions concerning barn door track or other sliding door gear then please do call us on 01280 428055

How To install A Sliding Barn Door Kit Video:

We have included a video on how to install an internal sliding barn door below, the key steps in the process are:

  1. Position the brackets on the door.
  2. Slotting the bottom of the door.
  3. Mark and fix the track.
  4. Hang the door and adjust.
  5. Fix the floor guide.
  6. Secure the door to the track with buffers.


Industrial Barn Door Hardware Range

Here we are looking at large sliding doors across industrial sites like storage sheds and barns on farms, factories, logistics warehouses, and aircraft or helicopter hangars where the single or double sliding doors can weigh up to 1000kgs each.

Sliding barn door hardware on aircraft hanger doors

The Series 70 industrial sliding door track is a robust system for doors weighing up to 600kg and our Series 250 barn door track gear is for doors weighing up to 1000kg each. These are generally used for external sliding door gear installation projects, but we supply industrial barn door hardware for lighter loads of up to 90kg or 440kg as well.

There are also 3 different barn door hardware in stainless steel options to suit top-hung doors for light, medium, and heavyweight applications where hygiene and corrosion resistance are imperative. This can include docks storage buildings and food factories.

Whatever your specific challenges with barn door hardware we can help so please do get in touch [email protected]!