Benefits of the Slide & Hide Concealed Single Pocket Door Kit

Pocket doors are quickly becoming commonplace in the homes and workplaces of those who value space, ingenuity and a new way to approach the simplest tasks – like opening and closing doors. 

But beyond pocket doors that offer entry and exit between rooms, they’re also incredibly attractive and useful when applied to cupboards, cabinets and similar applications.

The Slide & Hide Concealed Single Pocket Door Kit is an excellent example, allowing for the storage or enclosure of a wide array of items of all shapes and sizes, such as display pieces or even whole appliances.

So if you’ve been seeking a new pocket door kit to add to your list of services, or you’re looking to install a cupboard pocket door kit yourself, here are a few reasons why the Slide & Hide Concealed Single Pocket Door Kit from Runners is well worth considering.

What makes the Slide & Hide Concealed Pocket Door Kit so appealing?

Space saving

One of the key benefits of pocket doors of all kinds, including the Slide & Hide Concealed Pocket Door Kit, is the space-saving qualities they offer.

Compared to a traditional hinged door, which swings outward and takes up extra space when space might be in short supply, pocket doors slot seamlessly into the gaps created during the installation process, once they are opened. This applies to pocket doors installed into walls, though, where finished wall thickness comes into play.

In this case, installing a pocket door kit into a cupboard or wardrobe, there are perfectly measured gaps for the doors to fold and slot into as part of the installation, without the need to keep having them swing outward in the open permanently, taking up space that could be better used.

This would be ideal for small apartments, tiny kitchens, modest offices or any other room with not a lot of available square footage.

Easy to install

Another great benefit of the Slide & Hide Concealed Pocket Door System is its ease of installation, making it a must-have item for tradesmen and DIT enthusiasts to have in their bag of tricks.

With only limited guides to install and just 2 sections of cord in the installation kit, following the instructions will help you have your next pocket door project up and running for your clients in virtually no time.

Better still, with such impressive results, these pocket doors always give the impression of quality, which will be reflected in your work.


Traditional cupboard doors not only begin to creak over time as their outdated hinges begin to fail, but overly sized and heavy doors tend to slam, even if we don’t want them to, creating an unbearable racket.

This isn’t ideal for professional environments where the quiet is valued, or in homes where disturbing the peace of others is a possibility.

But with the Slide & Hide Concealed Pocket Door Kit, this unpleasantness can easily be avoided. The guides are designed to offer the smoothest sliding door experience possible, along with a rear door stop and soft closing mechanism, preventing any loud impacts as the doors reach the front or back of the gap they’ve been installed into, making for a calming and relaxed pocket door system.

Slide & Hide Pocket Concealed Double Pocket Door Kit

Multiple uses

As we mentioned previously, there’s virtually no end to the uses for cupboard pocket doors like the ones you can install with the Slide & Hide Concealed Pocket Door System. As seen in the graphic above, this pocket door kit can be installed as a serious space saver in laundry rooms and kitchens, to hide unsightly or bulky appliances like washing machines, dryers and more. This also helps dampen the sound, if such appliances tend to make considerable noise when active.

Or, you could use this pocket door kit to create an eye-catching display that is revealed when you gently pull the doors back and hide them within the cupboard, as if by magic – a real scene stealer when guests are around. However clients wish to utilise the pocket door kit and their pocket doors, the result will undoubtedly be a visual treat.

Reach out to Runners to find out more about pocket door systems today

If you’re ready to add more pocket door services to your repertoire and want to impress a whole new audience with your services, the Slide & Hide Concealed Pocket Door Kit is a great place to start.

Place your order for the Slide & Hide Concealed Pocket Door Kit today, or get in touch with the Runners team if you’d like more information on this or any one of our other pocket and sliding door products.