Bi Folding Doors vs. Standard Doors

In a modern world, we all desire modern convenience and aesthetics as it makes life easier and helps us to stay motivated. This is notably relevant in the interiors and exteriors of our properties as many of the traditional fixtures still exist, but there are simple ways to bring your home or workplace into the modern world – just take your door. Comparing standard doors to the bi-folding doors we supply here at Runners is like comparing a cassette player to an iPod, and this is why:

Many property owners still use standard doors on both the interiors and exteriors of their premises but it can’t be denied that this door type is a dated fixture. Conventional doors will take up space, look cumbersome and by only opening in a single motion, do not provide the versatility we now require inside or outside any property.

No property owner should have to settle for this as the many bi-folding doors that are available to install from us here at Runners come with a number of benefits that make things much easier and add to the specific aesthetics of any property. These benefits start with the bi-folding doors saving much needed space when they are either opened or closed. Instead of opening inwards or outwards like a conventional door might and therefore taking up space in a room, bi-folding doors easily slide along a track to maximise space and usability. When opened, they also provide a more open gap that is perfect for industrial means that need to load and offload goods, or for use in the home as they will bring the outside in.

The mechanisms of our bi-folding doors also look better than conventional doors as the simple sliding method looks more professional and appealing than the opening of a standard door. For the modern world, bi-folding doors are the essential choice and will win every time.