Tommafold Interior Bifolding Door Track Kit For Max Weight Of 60kg

Tommafold Interior Bifolding Door Track Kit For Max Weight Of 60kg

Tommafold Interior Bifolding Door Track Kit For Max Weight Of 60kg

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Tommafold is our market-leading brand of interior top hung bifolding door track hardware kit. It is smooth rolling and easy to install, and easy to adjust for fine tuning of different door sizes and weights. A great solution for any interior bifolding door projects saving space and giving years of reliable service.

This interior bi-folding door track kit can easily be installed in various locations depending on your needs. It could be utilised in homes to divide rooms, or offices to create more private spaces, or schools to split groups of children, whatever your bi-folding door needs, the Tommafold kit will do the job.

With smooth-rolling polymer tyres tested to 100,000 cycles, and hinges tested to 200,000 cycles, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be working with a rugged and reliable bi-folding door track kit that’s built to last and has already been put through its paces to guarantee quality. Made from durable and rugged aluminium, these interior-suited tracks will help bi-folding doors maintain their stability without warping, bending or rusting, for smooth operation and reliable service every time.

Suitable for both timber and metal doors below 60kg in weight, this interior bi-folding door track kit is ideal for a wide array of bi-folding doors and projects, ideal if you’re planning on working on multiple projects using any number of bi-folding doors.

A completely versatile system, any number of bi-folding doors can be fitted to the Tommafold track kit. Just be sure to purchase the correct variation that suits your project and you’ll be good to go. Or, if you need a hand making a decision, reach out to the Runners team today and we’d be happy to advise.

Plus, with an impressive 10-year warranty, you can be sure your Tommafold bi-folding door kit will offer fantastic results for years to come.

*Please check below for specification for when using with or without bottom track.

Select the Options above to Make Up your Kit:

  • Top hung bifold door track and hardware system kit.
  • Suited to interior applications
  • 10 year warranty
  • Smooth rolling polymer tyres tested to 100,000 cycles
  • Hinges tested to 200,000 cycles
  • Track is soffit fixed to underside of jamb
  • Roller connected to door via heavy duty recessed L-bracket
  • Suitable for timber or metal doors, please see step-by-step video below:
  • Track can be joined by butting track together
  • Any number of doors can be fitted to the system
  • Optional bottom track for configurations up to 4 doors folding each way
  • Compact top track (38mm x 39mm)
  • Ergonomic hinge handle design for optimal functionality
  • Ideal for room dividers in homes, offices and hotels
  • Max door weight: 60kg
  • Max door weight without bottom track: 40kg
  • Max door height: 2400mm
  • Max door width: 900mm (without bottom track 600mm)
  • Min door thickness: 30mm
  • Aluminium top track (Available in 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m lengths)
  • Optional aluminium bottom channel (Available 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m lengths)
  • 1 x L-bracket top and bottom pivot for fixed starter panel
  • 1 x L-bracket four wheeled polymer top roller every 2nd door
  • 1 x Optional L-bracket bottom guide roller every 2nd door
  • 3 x flush hinge and screws per join between doors
  • 1 x hinge handle per join every 2nd door

Kit does not Include Doors


For more information, check out Issue 2 of our
On-Furniture and Interior Sliding System catalogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tommafold Interior Bi-Fold Track Kit long-lasting?

Absolutely. These bi-fold door tracks are built to last.

With a ten-year warranty, we’re fully confident these bi-folding door rails will continue to be of service for years to come. If they do develop a fault in that time, just let us know.

But given the smooth rolling polymers have been tested up to 100,000 cycles, and the hinges have been tested up to 200,000 cycles, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll still be making good use of this track kit years from now.

Can the Tommafold Interior Bi-Folding door track system be folded in multiple ways?

Yes. This Tommafold folding door track system is available in over 20 different configurations, depending on your personal preference and the size and weight of the doors you have to hand on each side.

However you want to fold your doors, you’ll find something to suit you with this bi-fold track kit.

You are also given the choice of whether you want a bottom guide or no bottom guide, which can be useful depending on how heavy your doors are.

If you’d like more info about all the ways this kit can put your doors together, get in touch with a member of the team today.

What are the advantages of the Tommafold Interior Bi-Folding Door Track Kit?

Folding doors can completely transform the look and vibe of a room, making it feel far more modern and elegant without shelling out on expensive upgrades and unnecessary remodelling.

They’re also a practical addition to your home, too.

While traditional hinged doors swing outward, taking up space that could otherwise be better used, bi-folding door track kits allow you to fold your doors onto each other, saving space so you can better utilise the area surrounding the door.