Conveyors for Food Processing and Abattoirs – Key Considerations

Materials handling is a big subject in any fast-moving factory setting like food processing. Conveyor systems that make the production or packaging processes easier and faster are key to retaining a competitive edge, reducing labour costs, and maintaining consistent quality standards.

Space Saving and Speed

Have you ever really studied your space ‘around the rafters’ as it were? With a bespoke overhead conveyer in a slaughterhouse, meat packing, or food processing or packing setting you can make use of space that may currently be idle.

Food Industry Conveyors

Utilising the broad range of conveyor tracks, hangers, rollers, hooks, and butchers’ meat hanging rails, we can build runways that hold bulky and awkward items for easy and ergonomic use.

Layout Flexibility for Varied Tasks

The key word really with our food industry conveyors is flexibility. With the industry-leading MultiRail system you can have both manual push-along or a motor-powered chain drive in almost any layout with hooks of various sizes to hold your goods.

Coveyors for food processing

Move items smoothly through the processing and checking and cold storage areas of your production line or perhaps to a pallet wrapping machine for dispatch. Making light of heavy lifting is both sensible and productive as staff morale improves along with safety and consistency.

Hygiene and Durability

MultiRail is used extensively in meat handling and is corrosion-proof and robust for regular washing down or sanitising processes; we offer stainless steel conveyor hooks that can hold up to 150 kg in weight.

Overhead conveyor for food industry

Zoning Your Space Better

Along with the handy materials handling side of our conveyors they can also be utilised as moveable wall partitions or as industrial curtains. Robust and easy to move, flexible factory partitioning via wall panels or transparent PVC curtains can streamline and better zone activities for you.

Talk to Runners UK about considerations that matter to you and how our products can assist with food packing and production. We have considerable experience across industries as varied as abattoirs, joinery shops, or systems for spray painting booths and are sure to be able to help you.