Cost of Sliding Door Hardware

Wherever you look you will discover sliding door hardware, whether it’s in the next door neighbour’s house, a local retail outlet or in a furniture store around the corner, and when you consider the tell-tale traits which has made it so popular and which include reliability, usability and the overall contemporary design, it shouldn’t come as a shock. So, how much does it cost and where can you install it? We at Runners have endeavoured to answer your question below.

There is a large assortment of sliding door systems currently available in the consumer market, and it is this which makes it nigh impossible to give you an accurate price, unless of course we know what system you are after and the proposed application. Subsequently there are many applications for such a versatile and robust system, which is one of the reasons why we given a detailed description on the basic types of sliding doors systems.

Straight Sliding Doors

If space is limited then straight sliding door hardware is for you, rather than swinging open the door the straight sliding door glides effortlessly from one side to the other without needing any additional space to swing out into to open. This saves valuable space, allowing you to open doors despite the space restrictions.

This system is typically used for the following;
–    Fitted wardrobes
–    Door ways
–    Storage solutions
–    Retail departments

End and Central Folding System

Unlike the straight door system, the end fold system bends at certain points allowing you to open the door as little or as much as you want, whilst giving a unique look to an otherwise ordinary opening.

Due to the unique design of the end folding system, it is often used for;
–    Doors leading out to the garden/patio area
–    Conservatory or garden room
–    To divide an open plan room

For more information on the various sliding door hardware available there are more descriptions, diagrams and a photo gallery which show the various applications.