4 Reasons Why Abattoirs And Meat Processers Use MultiRail Overhead Track Systems

We have seen an increase in installations of our overhead runway system for meat processing sites that need meat rails for cold rooms. 

meat rails for cold rooms

MultiRail is a well-proven overhead track system with hangers, turntables, and junctions and ideal butchers’ meat hanging rails for movement of heavy or awkward items ergonomically.

This enables a better flow of goods throughout the facility, saving time, and reducing employee fatigue. Here are the four top reasons why they choose the MultiRail overhead runway for their plant:

Carcass rail system

1) Move Meat With Ease

Move meat and carcasses with ease around the plant. Wheeled rollers on the overhead runway taking up to 150kg each, with hygienic stainless-steel hooks, move whole carcasses through the facilities, reducing lifting by staff.

2) Create Specific Zones

Create specific meat processing areas with each MultiRail system designed to suit the space and the processing required. Carcasses can move through processing and cold room storage areas.

3) Increase Hygiene

Meat processing facility can increase their hygiene levels through of reduced meat handling and creating efficient processing areas.

4) Flexibility For Future Growth

MultiRail is a flexible carcass rail system that can be extended as your business grows. This enables you to optimise your meat hanging equipment – you can see a video case study of this material handling system below.