Greenoak Save Valuable Time with Multirail™ Overhead Runway System

Multirail Basic Kit

Greenoak is an Oxfordshire-based construction and joinery business working on all types of buildings from new build to listed.

Greenoak has been in operation for the past 11 years and has always had an in-house joinery workshop to process all woodworking requirements for their construction projects. The woodworking workshop also provides solely joinery work for enquiries that come through their website, through word of mouth and repeat work.

The type of work that is completed in the joinery workshop is varied, including timber windows, doors, cabinets, wardrobes and other bespoke furniture.

Eleven months ago Greenoak installed a Multirail™ overhead runway system in their spray booth, supplied by Runners Sliding Systems. The spray booth in their workshop is approximately 20m by 8m at the widest point. Greenoak previously used a turntable to dry all their spayed timber work and now use a Multirail™ system that allows the items to hang from hooks and air dry.

Mark Glendinning, Director at Greenoak, commented “Since our Multirail™ system was installed in the spray booth we have experienced many benefits. The main advantage is that we can process spray work much more quickly, in fact we have saved so much time in the spray booth that we are taking on spray work from other joiners, as it’s more cost effective for them to outsource to us”.

Other benefits that Greenoak have seen is that they can move items around without touching them and by hanging items, they can keep them away from any dust particles and prevent any need for retouching because the items are not handled.

Mark added “The joinery spray work can now be done in half the time, previously an item had to be painted on one side, dried and then flipped over, now we can spray a whole item in one go and then move it in position to dry”.

The Multirail™ system is a ceiling mounted solution which incorporates tracks and hangers that can be designed to suit any space. Typical configurations have a spraying area, then moving the items on hangers into a drying area, which is often a space with heaters installed.

Daniel Wells, sales director at Runners Sliding Systems commented “Many joiners have installed our Multirail™ system into their spray booths, they are particularly popular for companies producing timber windows, doors and other carpentry items, saving them time, simplifying the process and overall allowing the joiners to produce a superior finished product”

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