How can an overhead conveyor system transform business operations?

If you work in assembly processes or production and manufacturing environments and regularly move chunky, oversized objects from A to B, you’ll be well aware of the sheer level of effort involved.

But beyond moving heavier loads by hand on assembly lines or lifting them onto some wheeled apparatus – both of which are time-consuming and energy-draining – what other options are on the table? Or, to be more precise, what other options are hanging from the ceiling?…

Overhead conveyer system

Enter overhead conveyor or overhead chain conveyor technologies. Overhead conveyors are an easy, convenient, and highly efficient way for businesses to move their precious cargo in a way that suits their specific production processes, without relying solely on the labour of in-house staff.

At Runners, we stock the renowned Multirail Overhead Conveyor System; a system that’s been utilised by many businesses and, as a result, has changed the way they work for the better. So, if you’ve been looking for the best solution to get away from excessive manual handling, here are a few reasons why an overhead conveyor could be just the ticket.

What are overhead conveyor systems?

Simply put, an overhead conveyor system is a ceiling-mounted system that can be used to transport goods around the premises via rollers, hooks, and hangers on an enclosed track, depending on the needs of the business.

These goods can be large or small, heavy or light, and can be of various shapes. As long as they can be hooked to the system (as most items can) they can easily be transported. 


Better still, some conveyor systems (including the Multirail system) are available as both manual overhead conveyors and automatic formats. Automatic conveyors take all the strain and pressures out of assembly operations and similar processes, automating the majority of the work, and saving time and energy on the part of staff.

On top of this, the Multirail system can be assembled to send items down multiple paths, at various angles, for ultimate efficiency and versatility.

How can the Multirail Overhead Conveyor System change the way you work?

Here are just a few ways you will find the Multirail Overhead Conveyor System to be a real game-changer for your business:


Most businesses where manual handling is a necessity don’t realise how many hours of productivity they’re losing by sticking with outdated or inefficient methods of moving items around the premises.

Sure, picking something up by hand and moving it to the next point in the production process is always an option. But for oversized, clunky items that are difficult to move by hand, this adds an incalculable amount of time into the process when examined over a long period. 

In other words, moving things by hand is costing you time, time that could be better spent driving the business forward in other ways. But with the Multirail Overhead Conveyor System, staff can attach the relevant items and guide them along the track to the desired location in a matter of seconds, not minutes, sending productivity through the roof.

Spray Booth Overhead Conveyor System


According to data from UNISON, a third of all injuries in the workplace are caused by manual handling.

While manual handling is a core part of many production-based businesses and isn’t avoidable, injuries will naturally happen from time to time. However, what’s important is for businesses to limit the possibility of injuries to keep their staff as safe and healthy as possible.

With the Multirail Overhead Conveyor System, companies that previously relied on staff to move items solely under their own power can offer a more efficient and less strenuous solution that can help prevent injuries and maintain an excellent safety standard for all.


A happy workforce is a productive workforce. If your staff are feeling bogged down with the drudgery of constant heavy lifting and moving, the Multirail Overhead Conveyor System could be the answer to their prayers.

By removing arguably the most difficult aspect of the production process on a physical level, or easing it at the very least, your employees will likely enjoy greater satisfaction in their role, leading to higher levels of productivity and positive outcomes for your company.

Choose the Multirail Overhead Conveyor System from Runners

To find out more about how the Multirail Overhead Conveyor system will change your business for the better, check out our exclusive case studies, featuring real-life businesses just like yours, who are all reaping the benefits. 

Or if you’re ready to make the best change for your business, reach out to a Runners representative today to learn more about onboarding the Multirail system.