Industrial Sliding Door Gear

Easy access for extremely large vehicles, machinery and plant equipment is essential for many industrial properties, which is why industrial sliding doors are favoured for many operating in the industry. However, to withstand the excessive weight of the sliding door, you need the appropriate sliding door gear to ensure that the opening and closing mechanism is smooth at all times. As well-established and trustworthy providers of domestic and commercial sliding door hardware, we at Runners are confident that we can supply you with the equipment you need.

Here at Runners, we appreciate that there are many benefits to having sliding doors, especially within an industry that values its floor space, and needs large openings and doorways throughout its infrastructure which require quick and easy-opening doors. A sliding door successfully fulfils these requirements, and upon contacting Runners you can source high quality, durable and easy to use sliding doors.

Strength and Durability

In an industrial setting, size, strength and longevity matters, which is why the sliding doors and additional equipment you can source from us at Runners is made to last. It presents a practical solution for the building and those who need to gain access, but whilst you can locate sliding doors from a number of different sources, we at Runners are unrivalled for the quality of service and products we supply to our customers, establishing us as one of the best in the industry.


As a professional, well-established retailer of sliding door gear, we at Runners are able to supply our customers with the option to choose between straight, sliding industrial doors for their commercial property or folding industrial sliding doors. You will quickly discover upon contacting us that we are fully committed to finding an effective solution for our customers, time and time again.

To get in touch with a member of our team to discuss the sliding door gear suitable for your intended purpose, simply call us directly on 01280 822288.