Large Range of Sliding Door Gear

Here at Runners we are always striving to develop our wide range of sliding door gear and all other sliding door products to provide our happy customers with a practical, space-saving and stylish alternative to conventional doors. With the right sliding door system, any room – whether it is a large boardroom or cosy bedroom – can be significantly enhanced.

The sliding door gear we have on offer is unparalleled in supplying durability, simplicity and versatility for any type of door – with each product catering to a system best used for anything from heavy commercial applications, to petite systems for interior cupboards and wardrobes.

Choosing to make the move to sliding doors with our large range of sliding door gear will give a heightened look of luxury and cleanliness to any property, commercial or domestic. For example, the old regular doors you previously owned both look and act cumbersome – making the entrance into an important meeting, for instance, look less than dignified, whilst also minimising space and possibly pushing someone into their desk before the door closes.

Sliding doors will simply peel away in front of you without reducing the available space, allowing for a smart, understated entrance. It is for this reason and many others that the high-quality sliding door gear we provide is perfect for a new office refurbishment, making your workplace a more streamlined, attractive and somewhat safer environment.

This extensive sliding door gear range can be implemented anywhere you want it to be and can give off an array of desired looks whilst also being long-lasting and able to withstand constant use. In addition to this, we stock the right gear and systems to have your new doors slide however you want them to, giving desired motions from simple straight sliding to doors that can curve around a corner.

Whatever it is you are looking for, it is certain that our sliding door gear will reinvent the look of your home or workplace – simply get in touch with us and a knowledgeable member of the Runners team will give you the right advice to help you make a smart choice.