New Friction Rotating Hanger For Overhead Runway

Multirail is an overhead conveyor system from Runners UK which is designed to handle a wide range of materials with a hanging overhead runway system. It has a wide range of applications in factories and the food processing industry as well as for paint spray booths, production lines, abattoirs, and as a materials handling system.

Friction Rotating Hanger

Multirail has a wide range of hanger options, including a newly designed friction rotation hanger shown above.

The new hanger (Part No. 88 419) has the following features.

  • 4 wheel hanger providing stability
  • Self-lubricating bronze friction plate
  • Rotating plate has 3 hanging points
  • 150kg weight capacity

Benefits of new rotating folding hanger:

  • Eliminates unwanted rotation of materials to be painted or powder coated due to spray gun blast.
  • Rotating plate can be positioned at any desired angle and will stay there.
  • Improved higher weight capacity than previous designs.
  • Friction level of rotating plate is adjustable to the task or item being carried.

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