Optimising All Of Your Space With An Overhead Conveyor

Movement of items is key to the whole process of factory automation where manufacturers are increasingly looking for ergonomic and efficient win-wins that make life easier and safer for staff and more productive for the company.

Factors For A True Productivity Boost

Staff are a vital resource but a very finite one with various cost of living and other disruptions leading to skilled and trained personnel potentially changing job away from your firm if they are less than comfortable and experiencing fatigue while at work.

The Multirail overhead conveyor systems can substantially speed up materials handling in comfort and reduce your headache of trained and skilled staff walking away.

Overhead Conveyor

Flexible and adaptable to your specific needs, these hanging conveyors go a long way to solving the other big S problem – which is space. Have you ever turned your factory upside down virtually and shaken it to see if any space is wasted?

Often this wasted space is found in the height aspect and conveyors can not only streamline your handling of bulky or heavy components, but also utilise otherwise wasted space around ceilings and roofs.

Flexibility To Grow With You

Whether you need a straight run of hanger trollies or an endless revolving chain loop that can be powered by a drive motor or manual action, our modular overhead conveyor tracks and a large array of hangers and hooks mean any internal transport challenge can be met.

If the requirements for internal transport of parts, fixings, and components changes, or you have to expand or contract your business, the modularity of these conveyors and the manual or powered option mean that change is easy.

Where Might Overhead Conveyors be Used?

Typical places would include all types of factory, meat handling, mail & parcel sorting, airport freight terminal, spray booths – anywhere that productivity can be enhanced by quickly and easily moving loads on a rail.

Runners are happy to support you in details and assist with conveyor design work. Easy to install, our overhead conveyors can be found in window and joinery manufacturers, print factories, automotive workshops, and many more trades.

Our Video Case Study

See how a busy joinery manufacturer improved their workflow and productivity:

YouTube video