Evo Double Pocket Door Frame Kit Suited to Standard Size Doors

Evo Double Pocket Door Frame Kit Suited to Standard Size Doors

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If you need to install standard-size pocket doors as part of your next project, the Evo Double Pocket Door Kit is the ideal choice to create that classic disappearing door effect.

Built to suit both 100 and 125mm walls, this pocket door kit can be installed in a variety of different walls and settings, depending on the specifics of your project.

The click-together frame makes building and installing the pocket door kit nice and simple, even if you’ve never assembled one before.

Completely adjustable and smooth-rolling, the system creates a look and feel that is both aesthetically pleasing and practically useful.

Pocket door kits remove the need for traditional doors that take up unnecessary space when they open and close – making the Evo Double the pocket door kit of choice for those wanting to make spaces more inviting and accessible.

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Unique Sliding Technology

pocket door kits

The Evo pocket door kit mechanism frees up precious space usually set aside for conventional hinged doors to open.

Designed to be easily and quickly installed it can replace an existing hinged swinging door as well as installed in new builds.

  • Top hung straight sliding pocket door frame kit
  • Finished with timber jamb kit and architrave
  • Optional soft close and open mechanism
  • Suited to interior applications
  • Track is soffit fixed
  • Suited to standard sized timber, metal or glass panel doors
  • Frameless glass doors can be fitted with the glass conversion kit
  • Rollers tested to 100,000 cycles
  • Easy installation with click together frame
  • For drywall installations
  • Max Door Weight: 120kg
  • Max Door Weight c/w Soft Close: 40kg
  • Door Thickness: 35mm – 44mm
  • Up to 10mm Vertical Adjustment
  • Finished Wall Thickness: 100mm or 125mm
  • 2 x top tracks for the pocket door frame kit
  • 1 x double door 100mm/125mm timber jamb kit c/w brushes
  • 4 x four wheeled nylon rollers c/w fixing brackets
  • 2 x support framework (for each door)
  • 24 x cross support studs
  • 8 x stud foot support brackets
  • 2 Door Guide Fin and Screws
  • 144 x Fixing Screws
  • 2 x Rubber Buffer
Kit does not include doors

Evo Fitting Instructions

YouTube video


For more information, check out Issue 2 of our
On-Furniture and Interior Sliding System catalogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pocket door kits easy to install?

If you have some experience in carpentry, DIY or home adjustments of any kind, the Evo double pocket door kit shouldn’t prove to be too challenging for you.

In layman’s terms, it is simply a case of removing the existing plasterboard on your wall (clearing a space for the pocket doors internally) before inserting the pocket door frame and replastering over your work. For a more in-depth look at how to install the Evo Pocket Door Kit, check out the video on this page, or get in touch with Runners for more information.

Can any door be used in a pocket door kit?

No - for a pocket door kit to work effectively, you need to choose a door that is specifically designed to slide in between pre-prepared walls.

These doors differ greatly from traditional doors and are often much thinner and made from different materials. Before placing an order for a pocket door kit from Runners, ensure you match the pocket door you have with the correct pocket door kit.

Or reach out to Runners if you need a hand choosing the right kit for you.

What are the advantages of pocket door kits?

Pocket door kits help create an appealing visual effect in any home, office or premises where they are installed, offering a far more interesting alternative to traditional hinged doors.

They’re also an excellent space saver - because they don’t need to swing outward, instead sliding in between walls, they open up a lot of space and allow it to be utilised more effectively. This makes them an ideal choice for minimalist setups or rooms and flats with little available space.