Pocket Door Systems

Pocket door kits are a great way to totally change the shape of any space and add a touch of creativity that’s sure to impress homeowners and visitors alike. 

Pocket doors are simply sliding doors that are designed to “disappear” behind a wall cavity once opened. Rather than swinging open like a traditional hinged door, pocket doors move on special rails that allow them to slide smoothly for a very pleasing door-opening experience.

Along with our other hardware products, we specialise in kit-form pocket door systems for self-installation or by tradespeople. These include all the parts, top-hung rails, and bottom roller channels you will need to make your pocket door project a reality. All our pocket door kits are simple to install and take minimal effort, meaning project management is made simpler.

If you’re installing pocket doors as part of a project, or you’re interested in which pocket door systems are the best for what you need, here are a few things you may want to know.

What types of pocket door kits do you have?

At Runners, we have numerous pocket door kits to suit whatever sliding door you may have.

Suitable for both single and double pocket doors with soft closing, the Absolute Evo Kit, for example, comes in 7 different standard-size pocket doors, for up to 120kg weight and is tested to 100,000 cycles. 

Also in the range is the cost-effective Glide system, in 2 handy sizes for concealed pocket doors that save on space.

What are the advantages of pocket door systems?

Space saving

A sliding door could be the saving grace for anyone not wanting to deal with doors swinging behind them constantly, or doors that stick out into the middle of a room taking up space.

Rather than having to keep swinging the door shut, a sliding door can be effortlessly pushed into the cavity wall. Not only is this more visually interesting than old-fashioned doors, but it’s a perfect space-saving alternative and presents more usable floor space – so there’s no more feeling cramped because of ineffective, unimpressive doors.

But don’t be worried about losing a pocket door in the wall, or damaging a pocket door by adding a little extra force – a rear door stop can be used to absorb the impact. Alternatively, choose a pocket door that features a slow close for an extra touch of safety and sophistication.

Visually pleasing

A pocket door system can be a stylish, modern alternative to traditional doors, reinvigorating door furniture and instantly becoming the envy of anyone who sees them.

Pocket doors come in all different shapes and styles, so it’s important to choose one that fits your project setup like a glove. You’ll also need to know the wall thickness of where you’re planning to install the door, as different doors are only able to be fitted to a specific wall thickness.

If you’re interested in offering pocket door installation as part of your services, what are you waiting for? Check out our pocket door collection now and find the perfect pocket door system for you.

Where do most people use a pocket door?

Walk-in wardrobes are always a popular option for people looking into pocket doors – they help turn what could be a pretty standard wardrobe into a theatrical experience and add a “reveal” factor to your favourite outfits.

Then again, many people opt to use pocket doors as standard doors within their homes to really take their modern decor to the next level.

Would you like to know more about how a pocket door system could be of service? 

You can learn more about them in our video below or by checking out our full pocket door collection at the link above. Alternatively, please get in touch at [email protected] if you need help choosing a pocket door or would simply like some more info before you buy – we’re always here to help.

Pocket Door Systems   Pocket Door Systems   Pocket Door Systems

Would you like to know more about these systems? You can learn more about them on our video below or please do get in touch on [email protected]

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