Premier Manufacturing Group Case Study

The Results Speak for Themselves: Premier Manufacturing Group Doubles Capacity and Boosts Profits with the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System

Premier Manufacturing Group Multirail Case Study

In practice, the Multirail™ Overhead Runway System proves to be a massive difference maker in the way businesses operate and the results they produce, as was the case with Premier Manufacturing Group.

The company is tasked with spraying large quantities of workpieces daily, presenting a logistical challenge. But thanks to the Multirail™ System, the team are now able to spray these workpieces with ease, all without the need for expensive upgrades or hiring extra manpower.

Patrick Green, Company Director of Premier Group, had this to say:

“The Multirail, I can honestly say, has made a really big difference to us. We’ve almost doubled the capacity in the sprayshop with a quite modest investment which, I would say in the first twelve months, will have paid itself back and then some!”

“It’s been really easy, we haven’t had to employ extra people to meet that capacity, it just means we’re able to move stuff around a lot easier and I thoroughly recommend it. It’s very good value for money and it’s certainly moved our business forward.”

Daniel Wells, Sales Director at Runners UK commented:

“Many joiners have installed our Multirail™ system into their spray booths, they are particularly popular for companies producing timber windows, doors and other carpentry items, saving them time, simplifying the process and overall allowing the joiners to produce a superior finished product.” 

Multirail Overhead Conveyor System

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