Product Review; Tommofold60

The Tommofold60 is an innovative new product which can be seen in commercial or domestic properties across the UK. The design is sleek and modern without impinging on the usability or performance of the product in the slightest. To give you an insight into the features, finishes and application of this unique product we have devised the following overview.


The Tommofold60 comes in a range of finishes, ensuring the doors complement the interior design and style of its application. With this in mind you can select from the following finishes;

– Polished Stainless
– Stain Stainless
– Polished Brass

These finishes ensure a unique and complementary finish to the setting it is installed – which brings us onto our next point, installation.


Due to pre-assembled parts the Tommofold60 is quick and easy to install, especially when you consider the compact tract, carrier and guide hinges and the simple yet highly effective adjustment system.


The concealed fixings on the Tommofold60 make sure that the door cannot be taken off from the outside; this makes it very secure for the security conscious. Not only this, but the Tommofold60 comes with a ten year guarantee – ensuring great quality!

The Tommofold60 is fitted with the latest runners, which gives it the capacity to support doors weighing up to 60kg in weight. This guarantees a smooth and easy operating system which will last for years. All in all, this is a great product and one that is very popular with both our domestic and commercial clients. For more details please call us at Runners on 01280 822288 or click here to contact