Internal Sliding Door Handles

If you’re planning on installing sliding doors, pairing them with the right sliding door handles will elevate them even further in your estimation and the estimation of all those who use them.

Available in a range of styles, sizes and finishes, choosing a sliding door handle that accentuates the natural features of the sliding door in question will make the whole piece come together in a more visually pleasing way.

But it’s not all about looks - choosing a sliding door handle that offers practicality and ease of use will make for an even smoother and more enjoyable door-sliding experience for all who use it.

Also available with various locking mechanisms, you can add an extra layer of security to any sliding door setup quickly and easily for superior peace of mind.

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  • Modern Pocket Door Handles

    Flush Pull Handle Satin Stainless Steel 155 X 37mm

    _sku iconSKU CFZ411
    £7.53 ex VAT
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  • round pocket door handles

    Flush Pull Round Diameter 90mm

    _sku iconSKU CFV396
    From:£13.87 ex VAT
  • Flush Pull Radius End Polished Stainless Steel 120 x 40mm

    Flush Pull Radius End 120 x 40mm

    _sku iconSKU CFV393
    From:£7.40 ex VAT
  • Tommafold Straight Inward Opening Handle, SSS

    Tommafold Straight Inward Opening Handle, SSS

    _sku iconSKU 62-321-SS
    £45.11 ex VAT
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use any sliding door handle with any sliding door?

Not necessarily - if you’re able to install your sliding door handle into your chosen sliding door easily with just a few screws, you’ll likely be able to use this handle on a wide variety of wooden doors. However, if you’re working with glass sliding doors, or sliding doors made from other materials, be sure the sliding door handle you’ve chosen is compatible with the door you have. If you’d like some more advice, feel free to reach out to the Runners team - we’d be happy to help.

What are sliding door handles made of?

Sliding door handles need to be able to withstand the effects of regular opening and closing without distorting or degrading too much over time. That’s why many sliding door handles and mechanisms are made from steel - or a similarly robust metal. Not only is steel incredibly sturdy and resilient, but it will offer years of reliable service in many applications, including door handles. Browse our selection of sliding door handles in various styles and finishes to find your ideal choice.

Do I really need a sliding door handle?

If the sliding door you’re working with already has a recessed handle built-in, you may not need a sliding door handle. However, if you’re working with something closer to a blank slate that you’re able to customise yourself - or maybe even if you’ve crafted your own sliding door from scratch - choosing a sliding door handle lets you add an extra element of customisation to your project for improved functionality or visual flair. Speak to a member of the Runners team for some personalised recommendations.