Runners- Helping You to Meet Your Clients Needs

Summer 2012 may not have been the sort of summer that invites much in the way of outdoor leisure time, but that doesn’t mean your clients shouldn’t make the most of their garden, rain permitting of course. For many homeowners, the garden is very much a separate entity from every other room in their house, but at Runners we believe in helping you bring these two spaces together by creating quality bi folding doors.

Why Homeowners Buy Bi Folding Doors

On a beautiful summer’s day, homeowners loved nothing more than enjoying their garden, however when the sun is at its highest point at the peak of its strength, they will want the option of shade and shelter. Bi folding doors have the flexibility of creating the perfect blend of summer tranquillity and home comforts to deliver a completely different level of relaxation.

How Runners Can Help You

Whilst creating high quality bi folding doors you’ll understand the importance of ensuring they match your client’s needs perfectly, and we strive to ensure we have a collection of products that enable you to do just this.

Given that your bi folding doors will be exposed to everything the elements can throw at them 24/7, it is essential that the hardware and sliding door gear that are used with them are durable enough to withstand it. Our Tommafold60 folding door system offers unparalleled durability and versatility, complete with a ten year warranty for long-term peace of mind.

Having been in development for years and tested in the most extreme conditions on the planet you can rest assured that your bi folding doors will stand the test of time with our hardware. Call our friendly and experienced team on 01280 822288 to find out more about the Tommofold60 system, as well as the various other bi folding doors solutions we can provide.