Straight, Folding, Sliding Door Gear For Indoor Partitions

At Runners we supply a wide collection of sliding door gear, suitable for a wide range of indoor sliding doors applications. To learn about the different types of folding slide applications, we have listed a few of them below.

Straight Sliding Applications

This type of application is where the folding slide door on a fixed track in a straight line. This is a standard sliding door application, and one that is used in many different internal applications.

With this in mind, this type of application is suitable for internal doors, wardrobe doors and external patio doors.

End Folding Motion Doors Applications

End folding motion doors applications are where the door effectively folds back on itself in a zigzag motion, until it is lying flat against one wall. This type of application is typically seen in patio doors as they provide easy access and create a large opening which invites lots of light and air into your property.

Centre Folding Applications

The centre folding  motion doors application is normally seen in commercial or industrial settings. This application allows the doors to be turned on a central pivot, providing quick and easy access. For this type of application you’ll require Series 50 or a Series 250.

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Round the Corner Applications

This type of application is suitable for interior doors and cupboard doors due to the curved design of the track. It means that you can slide a door to the side without any hassle.

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