The Advantages of Installing Bi-folding Doors

Space is an integral part of any home, and in this modern age of stylish, intelligent interior art, you need a solution that’s going to look stunning, be unobtrusive in design and application, and come complete at an affordable price. Bi-folding doors from Runners are your key to living in space-saving style.

Bifolding Door Hardware

Bi-folding doors were once regarded as an elitist accompaniment to one’s living space, reserved only for the impossibly rich, with patio windows that stretched the length of the property. With time and technology, we can now bring you a whole range of superb bi-folding doors, however large or small your requirements.

Sliding Door

Typical sliding doors can be restrictive in their design, allowing for only one half of the total space to be open at any one time. Not only that, but slide mechanisms can require frequent maintenance to keep them functioning smoothly and are often subject to deformation when used greatly over a long period of time.

Why Bi-Folding Doors?

Comparatively, a set of bi-folding doors give a true sense of spatial freedom, opening fully, elongating and creating a better, natural flow through your current living space; without leaving an obstruction or unsightly barricade between areas. They look beautiful, and add to a room’s intrinsic design nuances whether open or closed. If you’re looking for the best and for a modern aesthetic, there really is no other choice.

Bifolding Doors

The Great (Out) Doors

This solution is virtually maintenance-free, providing a durable and long-lasting product that will not become victim to the inevitable stresses of use.

Easy to install, adjust, and use, there is even the option to add finger-safe gaskets to most bi-folding doors, so there’s no need to worry when the kids are at play. Furthermore as the perfect application of these versatile doors is an opening into your garden, you’ll get the most from the sunshine when you draw them back and let your new home extension be the great outdoors.

With the highest quality materials, and an unparalleled professional service, we deliver a complete package, so when you place your order for your new set of bi-folding doors, you can be safe in the knowledge everything will be taken care of, here at Runners.