The Different Types of Bi Folding Doors

Bi folding doors are an essential application for many homes and industrial premises, with the unique design allowing the external bifold doors to be installed in multiple configurations where doors slide, pivot and fold back on themselves.

External bifold doors

If your property requires sliding door hardware for easy access and smooth entrance points, then the bi folding door system we supply may be of interest to you.

There are various types of bifold internal folding doors, which is why we’ve devised the following guide to outline the various styles; giving you the perfect opportunity to identify which door would best accommodate your requirements. In all cases we offer neat kits that contain all the hardware and fixings needed to install.

End Folding Door Systems

Seen in garden rooms and patios up and down the nation, the end folding door system allows property owners to fold the doors back to either end; creating a large opening that allows you to step straight into your garden and enjoy the weather that summer has to offer. Furthermore, one door can be permanently hinged so that you do not need to fold all of the doors back to step outside.

Centre Folding System

Typically seen in commercial or industrial settings, the centre folding door system can be pivoted on the spot or folded before sliding back separately. It is the unique and functional design of this robust door that allows smooth entry and exit into a property, and something that in its simplicity and well-manufactured design has worked well for many properties.

Bifold Doors

Round the Corner System

Ideal for areas with limited space, these bi folding doors sets is designed to fold around corners to release valuable floor space. This type of sliding door unit is typically used for storage units where floor space is a valuable asset.

If you need internal or external bi folding doors or hardware and fittings then be sure to get in touch with us here at Runners. We are specialist suppliers of sliding door gear that is hard-wearing, quality-assured and effective. Call us today on 01280 822288.