Tips For Buying Bi-Fold Doors

Bi folding doors are an innovative new product; built with high-quality, endurance and style in mind, you are getting the complete package when you opt for these innovative doors. Yet with so many styles and variations available, we at Runners appreciate that you may need some expert help, so that you invest in doors which successfully tick each and every one of your boxes.


Bifolding Doors
Tommafold Folding Door System

Doors are a practical feature of any property, providing convenient access and securing the integrity of the property’s security levels; but while this is true, the visual aesthetics are also very important to the design focus.

Tip One: Choose Style & Appearance

While functionality is an essential factor, the style and all-round appearance of the doors themselves should be considered. Regardless of whether you are having your doors fitted in your home or in a business environment, they need to successfully integrate into the existing interior design of the building. After all, you don’t want doors – regardless of whether they are sliding or hinged – to look awkward in their application.

Tip Two: Choose Strength & Longevity

Bi folding internal doors are fitted in various different applications, and due to their unique sliding design they need to be strong and durable to withstand the continued use. It’s precisely for this reason that the parts used in conjunction with their installation are of the highest quality; something we at Runners pride ourselves on.

Bifolding Doors

Tip Three: Choose a UK Supplier

Style, appearance, strength and longevity are features which are essential when it comes to choosing between the various wood bi folding doors available, and to guarantee your doors meet these standards, it’s important you contact a UK manufacturer.

For high-quality sliding door gear and doors, be sure to get in touch with the professionals based here at Runners. We are extremely passionate about the level of quality we give with each service and a key step in achieving this is with our products. For further details, call us today on 01280 822288.