Tommafold 90 – Top Hung Exterior Bi-Folding Door System – Max Door Weight: 120kg

Tommafold 90 – Top Hung Exterior Bi-Folding Door System – Max Door Weight: 120kg

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One of the most popular sellers in our range, the Tommafold 90 Top Hung Bi-folding Door Kit is an ultra-durable and stylish bi-folding door system that’s easy to fit and instantly lifts the appearance and functionality of any building it’s installed in.

This top-hung bi-folding door kit distributes the weight of the folding doors precisely along the sturdy aluminium tracks, for large folding doors that open effortlessly time after time. The smooth-rolling polymer tyres have been tested to 100,000 cycles, while the hinges have been tested to 200,000 cycles, so you know you’ll be working with a bi-folding door kit that’s built to last.

Suitable for a wide range of timber or metal doors, this bi-folding door system can withstand doors of up to 120 kg in weight. It can also can be arranged to fit however many doors are needed, for excellent versatility and countless installation options.

The included ergonomic hinge handle is an inventive and user-friendly way to open and close the doors with ease without feeling restricted, for a bi-folding door experience that’s as easy to operate as it is useful.

Whether the doors are to be installed indoors or outdoors, this folding door system will perform well in both scenarios and comes with an impressive 10-year warranty’ a testament to the quality of the product and our faith in its longevity.

Completely adjustable, smooth rolling and simple to install, the Tommafold 90 Top Hung Bi-folding Door Kit is the perfect solution for any of your bi-folding door needs.

  • Top hung bi-folding door system
  • Suited to interior and exterior applications
  • 10 year warranty
  • Smooth rolling polymer tyres tested to 100,000 cycles
  • Hinges tested to 200,000 cycles
  • Track is soffit fixed to underside of jamb
  • Roller connected to door via heavy duty flush hinge
  • Suitable for timber or metal doors
  • Track can be joined by butting track together
  • Any number of doors can be fitted to the system
  • Compact top track (48mm x 56mm)
  • Ergonomic hinge handle design for optimal functionality
  • Ideal for room dividers in homes, offices and hotels
  • Max door weight: 120kg
  • Max door height: 4000mm
  • Max door width: 1000mm
  • Min door thickness: 38mm
  • Aluminium top track (Available in 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m lengths)
  • Aluminium bottom channel (Available 2m, 3m, 4m and 6m lengths)
  • 1 x Top and bottom hinge pivot for fixed starter panel
  • 1 x Intermediate carrier set including top roller hinge and bottom hinge roller
  • 1 x end carrier set including top roller hinge and bottom hinge roller for even number of doors
  • 3 x flush hinge and screws per join between doors
  • 1 x extra hinge for door heights over 2.15m, 2 x extra hinges for doors heights over 2.55mm
  • 1 x hinge handle per join every 2nd door
  • 1 x locking flush bolt and 1 x non-locking flush bolt on every other join in doors

Kit does not Include Doors

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the Tommafold 90 Top Hung Exterior Bi-Folding Door System be installed?

The Tommafold 90 Top Hung Exterior Bi-Folding Door System is suitable for both interior and exterior applications, making it an appealing and versatile folding door solution. In a home setting, it can be installed to create an eye-catching entrance/exit to a garage, conservatory or similar room. Whereas in an indoor office setting, for example, it can be used as an upmarket alternative to a room divider. As long as there is room for the bi-folding door system to be fitted, the possibilities are endless.

Is the weight of the bi-folding doors important?

Absolutely. Our bi-folding door kits are built with the weight of the doors in mind, meaning different kits can withstand different weights. For example, this bi-folding door kit can hold doors of up to 120kg in weight, making it ideal for larger doors that are on the heavy side. However, to operate properly and safely, it should never be paired with doors that are heavier than this. If you’re looking for a bi-folding door system that can hold heavier doors than the ones you see here, get in touch with Runners and we’d be happy to offer our advice.

Is this bi-folding door system available in different finishes?

Yes. Depending on the appearance of the bi-folding doors you’re working with - and depending on whether they’re made of wood or metal - you may wish to match them with a bi-folding door system that complements them aesthetically. The Tommafold 90 Top Hung Exterior Bi-Folding Door System is currently available in three different finishes - Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Brass or Black, giving you plenty of options.

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