Tommafold bi-fold door gear kit Q&A 9 easy steps

Buying Tommafold bi-fold door gear is easy, just give us a call with the door details and we will send the kit out to you on a next day delivery.

Tommafold Bi-folding System

1.How many doors do you have?

Tommafold folding door system can be used to work with up to 16 doors. The max size of each door is a meter

2.Which way are the doors sliding? E.g 2 right, 3 left

There are many configurations, this is just down to personal preference.

3. Are the doors folding in or out?

Customers often set the doors to fold out, this avoids restricting space inside the house

4. What is the width and height of the opening?

The top and bottom track we supply will fit your opening. We can supply either 2,3,4 or 6 meter track. The track can be joined to be extended it or it’s easy to cut down if necessary

5. What is the weight of the doors?

Tommafold 60 can hold doors up to 60 kilos, Tommafold 90 can supply up to 100 kilos

6. What component finish would you like?

Satin stainless, polished stainless and polished brass are available

7. What colour weather seals would you like?

Black, white or brown

8. Where would you like the kit delivered ?

The kit comes with everything you need to make the door, all you need to do is build the timber doors. The kit includes top and bottom track, flush bolts, hinges, rollers and weather seals, all delivered to the address of your choice. The kit also comes with a full set of easy to use instructions, these can also be emailed out as a pdf.

9.Would you like any accessories?

There are optional extras. These include;

Multi-point locking system with handles and cylinders

A magnet system to hold the door neatly open

A weather protection blade to go on the bottom track

A bespoke drainage system to fit to the bottom track, releasing any access rain water.