Types of Sliding Door Gear

Looking to improve the overall appearance and practicality of your home or business premises? Two very different applications but with the many types of sliding door gear UK we have developed here at Runners, which are all unparalleled for their durability, versatility and simplicity – both situations and many others can easily be catered for.

Below is a quick run-down of the different types of sliding door gear for timber doors we have developed which will give you a good idea as to what you will require to achieve the look and functionality you need.


The Tommafold™ is an extraordinarily robust bi-folding door system for timber doors that allows the doors to fold right back to create an unobstructed transition between your home and garden, adding an astounding feature to your property and opening up your living space. The Tommafold™ range can be used on openings up to 16 metres wide and 3 metres high, with a limit of 60kg per door panel – providing strength and performance coupled with modern, stylish looks which are perfect for any home. For those who enjoy entertaining outdoors in the summer a bi-folding system will greatly improve the flow from house to garden.

Series Mini

The Series Mini is the smallest of applications and is perfect for  creating smooth sliding cupboard doors and domestic wardrobes. A wide selection of rollers and different profiled tracks makes series mini a truly versatile and practical system.

Series 20

Our Series 20 sliding door gear is great for interior lightweight applications across all domestic, commercial or industrial properties – offering a smooth, space-saving and flexible solution for doors, cupboards, overhead runway systems or partitions. Series 20 offers a smooth, flexible solution for straight, folding and curved configurations.

Series 50

Series 50 is the choice for agricultural buildings and warehousing. Its sturdy design and large range of components makes it perfectly suited for  overhead runway systems, partitions, sliding curtains and stabling blocks.

Series 250

Series 250 is for heavy duty commercial and industrial applications with its maximum weight capacity of 1000kg offering a smooth gliding system for both straight and folding configurations.

All of the above types of sliding door gear are strong, guaranteed for multiple years of use and can suit different applications such as straight sliding, end folding, centre folding and round the corner. To find out more about this and the different types of sliding door gear we have available, simply call 01280 822288.