Why Change Suppliers for your Sliding Gear Products?

There is an old saying; ‘Why fix something that isn’t broken?’, and for many reasons this makes sense. But here at Runners, we also know of the saying ‘Change is as good as a rest’ which obviously leads nicely into explaining more about what this article relates to.

We understand that you may already have a company that does a perfect job at supplying you with all your sliding gears, but what could you be missing out on if you were to look elsewhere? What savings are to be made and what offers are available? Let’s take a look;

*Buying online:


*Delivery options

*Repeat Orders

Purchasing from Runners:

*Mailing list opens up a variety of deals & exclusive offers

*Registration for a trade account means better bulk buys

*Personal service over the phone to discuss or order in detail

*Easy to place order and ask questions

*Product & event information available

*Broad range of products so you can find what you need and ask if you don’t.

We understand loyalty counts for a lot in our industry, but there are too many good deals to be had to miss out on. Changing suppliers can open you up to a whole new idea of what is available and there is nothing stopping you going back to who you used before.