Why Choose Bi-Folding Doors?

With regular needs in the modern world being ease of use, style and space, there is no reason not to choose Bi-Folding Doors as they will bring an array of benefits to your property and lead it into the modern world. Here at Runners, we design and supply all the equipment needed to achieve a more practical and stylish property, and have devised this short list to describe just why you should choose our Bi-Folding Doors.


A conventional swing door is just that, a door that opens and closes in the exact same way no matter what property it is placed within. However, Bi-Folding Doors are available in a number of different applications which actually make them suited to the properties they are placed in. These include:

– End Folding: we are able to install these doors in multiple configurations, but they will all slide to open at one end of the track and maximise space, making them perfect for the home, a commercial property or even heavy industrial use.
– Centre Folding: best suited to providing practicality and ease for commercial or heavier commercial settings, these doors turn around a centre pivot before easily sliding together.

Space Saving

Once you’ve found the bi-folding door and gear that suits the requirements of your property, you will be astounded at how much space it will save in your property when opened or closed – resulting in no situations where you have to move out of the way as a door swings open.

Sleek Style

Bi-Folding Doors simply look better than conventional doors as they smoothly slide along a track to open or close. Combined with the high quality products we offer here at Runners, your new doors will be safe, secure and provide you with an enhanced interior for many years to come.