Why Would I Use The 250 Series Heavy Duty Sliding Door Tracks And Rollers?

heavy duty sliding door track

Our 250 series heavy duty sliding door track straight and folding door system is for commercial interior and exterior applications with a door weight of up to 1000kg. This popular range is often used as an agricultural sliding door track for large grain stores, warehouses, aircraft hangar doors, or Jewers doors.

This series offers a smooth gliding system that is galvanised for corrosion protection. It uses top hung quality components for heavy sliding doors up to 1000kg (capacity based on 2 x 500kg hangers per panel).

Some FAQ To Consider:

  • What do I need to know when ordering over the phone?
  • How large is your opening?
  • How large are your sliding door panels?
  • What is the weight of the doors you are using?
  • What material is the door made from, timber or steel (this effects the brackets)?
  • Can you use a bottom track to guide the door? (This is not possible in every application scenario) The alternative is a guide roller that the door runs up against).
  • Do you need a weather protection canopy?

To discuss your order or for technical assistance with sliding door tracks please call us on: 01280 822288.