Why you should always source pocket door kits from experienced vendors

When combined with elegant pocket doors, pocket door kits can instantly add an element of class and sophistication to any living room, study, office setting or otherwise, disappearing as if by magic into a wall cavity.

A timeless stylistic choice, single and double pocket doors were once infinitely popular in homes across the world in the 1800s, offering far more usable floor space and an eye-catching effect, making the perfect space-saving alternative. This was before their popularity began to wane in the face of the traditional hinged door. But it’s safe to say, thanks to improved sliding door technology, pocket doors are now booming once again.

Glide pocket door kit

However, if you’re planning on taking advantage of this trend and installing pocket door kits for your clients, it’s essential that you source your kits from trusted, reliable and experienced pocket door experts – like the team at Runners. Otherwise, you run the risk of applying equipment that’s not up to the task, leaving your clients bitterly disappointed in both the kit and your service as a whole.

When it comes to pocket door kits, UK suppliers don’t always stock the exact items you need. But at Runners, we’re experts in pocket door systems, bi-folding door kits and all kinds of sliding door equipment, meaning we’re your go-to source for all your sliding and folding door needs. Whether you’re installing single pocket door systems or double doors, we’re always the best choice no matter what pocket door system you need.

With this in mind, let’s explore the risks of sourcing your kits from less-than-stellar vendors, and why you should always choose a trustworthy seller, like Runners. 

The risks in stocking pocket door systems from inexperienced suppliers

Ineffective materials

It’s not an instant thought, but sliding door systems and pocket doors undergo a lot of pressure day in and day out. 

Given that pocket doors aren’t exactly the lightest, most manoeuvrable items on the planet, it takes a lot of quality materials to both hold them in position and help them move with the freedom and stability they need.

Unfortunately, some pocket door kits aren’t in the same class as others and are constructed of supporting materials that are too frail, too thin, too light or simply aren’t up to the task. This will lead to the pocket door moving well for a while, but will undoubtedly break down over time, leading to dissatisfied customers.

Luckily for you, Runners’ kits are all built from the most suitable, highest-quality materials that have been tried and tested, so we know they’ll do the job well time and again.

For example, our Glide Single Pocket Door Kit is one of our best sellers, with good reason. Featuring all the essential parts you need to install a pocket door and ensure it runs well, including a sturdy top track and stud foot support brackets, you can guarantee seamless results.

Pocket Door Kit

Difficult to install

While the results are easy to operate (or they should be) pocket doors often hide the effort that has gone into their operation on the technical side, including prepping the relevant walls and internal supports.

While it may sound like a big job, in even a modestly experienced pair of hands, pocket doors should be relatively simple to install. Sadly, though, some kits can create a maze of difficulties for tradesmen seeking to please their clients.

Parts that don’t connect as they should, inappropriate screws and fixings and an inaccurate finished wall thickness description are just some of the nightmarish scenarios you could run into by sourcing your pocket door materials from an inexperienced provider.

But you’ll never have any of these problems with a pocket door kit from Runners. All of our kits and their contents have been carefully selected by our team of experts to guarantee the easiest installation process possible, saving you time, effort and money, and helping you impress your clients quicker.

A lack of longevity

Time makes fools of us all, but that doesn’t mean it should make a fool of you when a pocket door kit you installed suddenly falters far too soon.

Given the constant movement a pocket door kit endures, kit manufacturers need to account for both the daily rigours absorbed by pocket door systems and the length of time they should remain fully operational.

At Runners, we pride ourselves on offering sliding door and pocket door systems that are built to withstand the test of time and offer your clients a smooth and enjoyable experience for years to come.

Take our Absolute Evo – Flush Single Pocket Door Kit for Standard Size Doors, for instance. With rollers tested to up to 100,000 cycles, there’s absolutely no doubt that this system will continue to operate with full effect when first installed and well into the future.

Choose Runners for all your pocket door and sliding door needs

On the lookout for a kit for your next pocket door project? Runners is home to a fantastic selection of pocket door kits to meet all your clients’ needs.

Take a look at our range at the links above, or get in touch with a Runners expert today for more product-specific information – we’d be happy to help.

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