Series 450 Sliding Hardware – 450Kg Max Door Weight

The Series 450 is suited to heavier doors which are exposed to harsh weather conditions such as marine sites, aircraft hangars, agriculture and food factories.  All the brackets, components, door tracks and channels are manufactured from high grade 316 grade stainless steel, resulting in excellent corrosion protection of sliding door assets over many years.  Our heavy duty range, the Series 450 is the answer to heavy weight sliding door applications. Frequently used for large external doors on commercial and agricultural buildings.

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150mm Hot Bed Handle, BZP
Series 450 Accessories
Bottom Guide Roller With Thread
Series 450 Bottom Guides
Series 450 St/St 316 Grade Face Fix Bracket
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News: Industrial Sliding Door Gear

Easy access for extremely large vehicles, machinery and plant equipment is essential for many industrial properties, which is why industrial sliding doors are favoured for many operating in the industry. However, to withstand the excessive weight of the sliding door, you need the appropriate sliding door gear to ensure that the opening and closing mechanism