How Do Invisible Sliding Door Tracks Fit Right Into Modern Decor Homes?

Sliding doors with invisible tracks are becoming increasingly popular not just in expensive, upmarket homes, but also in many moderately sized homes thanks to their attractive visual appeal.

Marking a huge improvement over traditional swinging doors – both aesthetically and practically – sliding doors offer homeowners the chance to completely revitalise their interiors without making any drastic structural changes.

But how exactly does an invisible sliding door track fit into modern decor homes? At Runners, we’re experts in all things sliding doors and sliding door tracks, with a great selection of sliding door kits to choose from. So, if you’re a professional tradesman and are looking for something fresh and innovative to offer your clients, keep reading…

What are invisible sliding door tracks?

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As the name suggests, invisible sliding door tracks offer customers a sliding door experience without exposing the tracks, which can be distracting and a real eyesore.

Rather than the tracks being fitted horizontally across a wall, they’re instead fitted to the back of the door itself, operating on an inventive system of rollers that mask the tracks from view entirely. It is for this reason that these tracks and doors make an excellent addition to the homes of those seeking a cleaner, more minimalist touch (more on that in a moment).

Similarly to pocket doors, invisible doors and concealed doors which do not display the parts that allow them to function, these doors operate using a concealed track.

How invisible sliding door tracks match the look and feel of modern decor


Minimalism is a movement in which people choose to live with as little as possible, to simplify all aspects of their life. This might sound a bit extreme, but the term has also been adopted in the interior design realm as a more broad-ranging descriptive for those who don’t want their rooms, walls and walkways cluttered with too many unnecessary items.

It is for this reason that invisible sliding door tracks make a welcome entry to the homes of homeowners seeking to adopt or improve this look. Because these sliding doors are designed to operate with as few moving parts on display as possible, they match the minimalist look and feel perfectly, making them a great choice for homeowners who are drawn to this ever-growing style.


Modern decor homes that choose a minimalistic look aren’t just interested in removing the clutter and making things appear as simple as possible, though. Another element of the stylistic choice is to make the most of whatever space is available and, where possible, cutting anything that could intrude on this space.

Because these doors don’t swing outward, instead sliding elegantly across available wall space, they’re far less imposing than the alternative, making them an ideal choice for those on the hunt for a minimalist look and feel. This also makes sliding doors a perfect choice for homes, apartments and offices with limited available space, helping to make cramped rooms feel far more open and less claustrophobic.

Suited to doors with an eye-catching look

Because manufacturers realise the appeal of sliding doors is often present in those with a flair for design, they often craft their doors in certain looks that are most likely to match the aesthetic desires of the buyer, rather than sticking with the tried and tested look of traditional doors.

You’ll be able to find sliding doors in a vast array of styles. Doors made from large segments of wood, like dark oak, are a popular option, along with sliding glass doors and even sliding barn doors, for a true rustic interior.

Doors in this style often operate using invisible sliding door tracks, making the tracks a must-have component if such a look is to be achieved, in many cases.

Choose the best invisible sliding door system from Runners

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If you’re a working professional wanting to offer sliding door installation services for your clients, or if you simply want to work on your own sliding door project, you’ll find everything you need to fit your doors at Runners.

Specialising in sliding door systems, we’ll have all the components you need to install your sliding doors with ease – including invisible sliding door tracks.

Feel free to browse our range of sliding door systems, and get in touch with the Runners team if you need a hand making a decision. Whether your question is of a technical nature, or you simply want a little more info, we’re always happy to help.