Invisible Sliding Door Gear Kit for Interior Doors

Invisible Sliding Door Gear Kit for Interior Doors

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Transform any living space – or any other room for that matter – with the Invisible Interior Sliding Door Gear Kit from Runners. The perfect tool to operate invisible doors, this sliding door system will dazzle any guest while also making day-to-day usage of the door far more fashionable.

Its smooth-rolling motion makes opening and closing the door an aesthetic delight every time and adds a touch of magic to an action that’s never often given a second thought. With rollers designed to withstand regular movement time and time again, you can be sure this and any sliding door kit from Runners you install will be there to delight people for years to come.

Beyond the obvious, this sliding door gear kit also makes a great space saver, helping replace old, outward-swinging doors with a door that better utilises available wall space – an excellent choice for smaller rooms or more minimalist setups.

Soft closing mechanisms allow the sliding door to come to a halt gracefully and calmly without causing an impact that could cause a harsh noise or shorten the life of the system. Easy to use, easy to install and even easier to maintain, this sliding door kit always makes a wise choice for anyone wanting to revitalise their space with a practical and attractive alternative to traditional doors.

Stylish, sustainable and on-trend, invisible sliding doors make an unmissable addition to any space they occupy and, while seamlessly blending into the decor, still make for an eye-catching statement piece in the same breath.

Select the Options above to Make Up your Kit:

  • Sliding Mechanism is Invisible as fitted to back of door
  • Top Hung and Bottom Rolling Straight Sliding System (weight evenly distributed between top and bottom rollers)
  • Track is fixed to Back of Door and Roller is fixed to wall
  • Suited to Timber Concealed Doors
  • Integrated Soft Close and Open Mechanism
  • Fully Adjustable mechanism for optimum functionality
  • Best Suited to Hard Flooring
  • Max Door Weight: 80kg
  • Min Door Thickness: 40mm
  • Max Door Width: 1150mm
  • Max Door Opening Width: 900mm
  • Door Width = Door Opening Width + 253mm
  • Door Height = Door Opening Height + 100mm
  • 1 x Aluminium top track profile (Available in 1150mm Lengths)
  • 1 x Four Wheel Nylon Wall Roller
  • 2 x Soft/Close Mechanism
  • 1 x Nylon Floor Guide
  • 1 x Aluminium Bottom Guide Profile
  • 2 x Two Wheeled Bottom Rolling Castor
  • 2 x Track End Caps
  • 36 x Fixing Screws
  • 8 x Wall Plugs
Please note that this invisible doors kit does not include doors.

How to Install Video

YouTube video


For more information, check out Issue 2 of our
On-Furniture and Interior Sliding System catalogue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter which doors I use with this sliding door kit?

Absolutely. Sliding door kits from Runners are all custom-designed to be used in tandem with specific doors of specific weights. That way, the system will never be paired with a door that is unsuitable or too heavy, which could cause the sliding door kit to become damaged or even fail completely. If you’re unsure which sliding door kit you need for the sliding doors you have to hand, speak with a member of the Runners team today and we’d be happy to advise.

How long do sliding door kits last?

While there is no set shelf life on a sliding door kit, we can confidently say that these kits are built with longevity in mind. Often tested to hundreds of thousands of cycles before their sale, sliding door kits offer exceptional durability and will prove to be a fine addition to anywhere they’re installed for years to come. Some of our kits also come with a longer-than-average warranty, as a testament to our faith in their operation. Be sure to read the fine details of the product you’re viewing to learn more or speak to a member of the team.

Can sliding door kits be installed in any door space?

As long as a door space has been properly prepared to receive a sliding door kit, or is already suitable for a sliding door kit to be installed, the kit can usually be installed without issue as long as you have the correct size for the door gap you’ll be covering. This can be done by removing any existing door frame and treating the wall in accordance with the specific kit you have. If you’re unsure exactly what you need to do, a Runners expert is only an email away.